By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
Kulek Rohan
Biographical information

Air Nomad

Birth place

Air Temple Island


Omashu Royal Palace



Physical description








Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Bending, Staff

Bending style(s)



Tala, Simi Rohan, Hava Jinorra, Air Nomads, Omashu, Order of the White Lotus, Southern Water Tribe


Kuir, Rishu, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom

Chronological and political information

Monk, Airbending Master


Air Nomads


Simi Rohan

Kulek Rohan is an airbender from Clan Rohan, Kulek is the 'wild child' of his clan, meaning he's the least uptight of them. He is dating the Avatar Tala, making up for her lack of comedic skill. Kulek is the spitting image of Aang and like him mastered airbending at 12.


Kulek was born in Republic City. Kulek learned from Simi Rohan how to airbend. Like his ancestor, Kulek mastered airbending at twelve, creating the technique of palm spheres, small spheres of air for combat.

Kulek left with the rest of his Clan to Omashu, for the purpose of training Avatar Tala in airbending. Kulek and Tala hit it off and began a romantic relationship. On the anniversary of becoming a couple, Kulek took Tala to Black River.

While there, King Urri's twin sons taunted the Avatar about sneaking out. Tala rode out on her Eel Hound, Ilan. Kulek returned to Omashu and helped the still saddled Ilan. Tala returned to tell him they were going to Republic City for a ceremony.

Kulek and Tala attended the coronation of Rishu to the United Council. Upon return to Omashu, they learned that armies across the world were preparing for war.


Kulek is a master airbender. Under Simi's tutelage, he learned quickly. At age 12 he mastered airbending with the technique of a palm sphere, a spherical ball of air with a lot of concussive force. Kulek is skilled in combat and flight. Kulek is skilled with his staff, though not as much as Simi.


Old-team-avatar-to be fixed-2

Kulek is a spitting image of Aang.

  • Kulek is a spitting image of the older Aang. He also shares similarities to his ancestor:
1. He mastered airbending at 12
2. He is light hearted and fun
3. He doesn't want the responsibilities of a Master, even when he has long been a master.
  • Kulek is dating Tala. Where she is serious, he is light and funny.

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