By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Taku (formerly)




289 AG

Physical description








Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earthbending, shurikans, Chi Blocking

Bending style(s)





Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation


Omashu, Tala, Republic City, Water Tribes

Chronological and political information

Crown-Prince of Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom, The Ba Sing Se Regulars


Prince Kuir is the Crown-Prince of the Earth Kingdom. Kuir rarely stayed within the palace of Ba Sing Se, and rather trained around the world in order to be a deadly warrior and true leader.


Prince Kuir was born in Ba Sing Se. Soon afterwards, he was raised outside to learn to be a true man, something his ancestors had not done. Kuir learned to become a master earthbender, and even a chi blocker.

Kuir learned to lead and command in battle from Grand Marshal Rishu of the Fire Nation, a proven combatant and tactician. Rishu lectured Kuir on more than battle but on philosophy as well.

Kuir is determined to carve out a reputation for himself in the world as a great warrior.

Kuir oversaw the rebuilding of the abandoned city Taku, near Republic City, a secret operation to make it a military strike point at the city when ready. Kuir is now a part of the plan to take over Republic City.

After Republic City fell to invasion, Kuir and his forces went to the Southlands to capture Chief Arkoda of the Southern Water Tribe and to prevent his information from destabiizing the war effort. Arkoda, in a twist, helped the Avatar's raiding party fight off Kuir when he ambushed them instead.

After failing to capture Arkoda, Kuir took command of the Ba Sing Se Regulars and attacked the city in earnest, breaking through the walls and setting a foothold.

Kuir was joined by Rishu to command the siege as important events unfolded. Kuir planned to use an ancient tunnel in Omashu as a way to sneak into the palace and take it. As he and his men went through the tunnel, they found a large party of excavators present, for a different plan of their own.

Kuir attacked the unknowing defenders and cornered them until Avatar Tala arrived with reinforcements. Even then, Kuir still had the advantage. Tala entered the Avatar State and collapsed the massive tunnel for good, forcing Kuir to abandon his plan.

When the Day of Black Sun came, Kuir led his armies out to attack in New Omashu.

Over a week after the Day of Black Sun, White Lotus and Southern Tribe reinforcements broke through the siege and entered the city. To test their strength, the Regulars and the Fire Army attacked.

Kuir led an attack against the White Lotus forces and was captured and brought into the city. In order to secure him, they put him in a wooden cell a hundred feet from any earth.


Kuir is a master earthbender of the highest caliber. He has learned all the sub-skills from seismic sense, to metalbending, to sandbending. He also created glassbending, from the concept that glass is fused sand.

As a result of his large stature, Kuir is adept at physical combat, especially that involving body contact.

Kuir learned Chi Blocking but has never revealed it to anyone, even Rishu or his father; so that he always had an edge in a fight.


  • Kuir was heavily inspired by Embo from Star Wars: the Clone Wars, though he has a very different behavior.
  • Kuir is massive for a person, and likely comparable to Avatar Kyoshi in size.
  • Kuir's name is similar to the Azeri word 'kir', which means dirt.

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