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Kuel is the Grand Master of the Order of the White Lotus and its leader as of 320 AG. He aided King Urri in finding trainers to teach the Avatar in the city.


Kuel was born in the Fire Nation but soon joined the Order of the White Lotus, believing it was his calling. He rose through the ranks as a powerful and honorable man that could be trusted with leadership.

Kuel eventually became Grand Lotus and so the leader of the Order. It was under his leadership, that the Avatar was identified as a young girl in Omashu. Partnering with the King of the city, Urri, Kuel recruited trainers for the Avatar.

It was this decision to keep training in the city that made relations between the Order of the White Lotus and the Fire Nation sour. Regent Rishu, a prodigy, had offered to resign in order to train the Avatar, he was denied in favor of a classmate who had been the bottom of the same academy that Rishu had been the top of.

Rishu banned any Lotus member from coming to the Fire Nation and that financial and public compensation, along with the Avatar as a student was the only remedy to fix relations. Kuel refused and Rishu maintained the ban, keeping Kuel and many members from ever returning home.

Kuel was in Omashu when the war between the Fire Nation and Republic City broke out. Before he could muster his forces to defend the city, he was trapped in by a blockade of not only the Fire Nation, but the Earth Kingdom as well, learning the two had begun the war in alliance.

Kuel was a key leader in the defense of the city. His capture on the 'Night of Puppets', a full moon battle where bloodbenders captured Omashu leaders, was almost catastrophic were it not that his second-in-command had survived.

Kuel was among the three prisoners who hadn't broken to torture, that included Suun and Simi Rohan. Kuel and all captured were returned in a prisoner exchange for Fire Nation forces that had breached Omashu but captured by the Dai Li.


  • Kuel is a powerful firebender in his own right and is even capable of resisting bloodbending, but not enough to beat Ralyn.
  • Kuel is considered very honorable, however, the loss of so many of his men has had its toll on him.

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