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Earth King Kuei
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Ba Sing Se




75 AG

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Personal information

Hokai, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Aang, Iroh, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Toph, Iroh


Dai Li, Long Feng, Admiral Shinzou, Red Revolt, Azula

Chronological and political information

Earth King

Earth King Kuei is the current leader of the Earth Kingdom and a vital ally of Team Avatar.


Kuei was born to the 51st Earth King and his wife and was therefore the heir to the throne of Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom. Both of his parents died when he was very young and he was raised primarily by the court officials.

Long Feng, an aspiring politician, took the opportunity given by Kuei's minority during his reign to seize power. During the rain of Long Feng Kuei was just a figure head, a puppet to his Cultural Minister. This allowed Long Feng to create an orderly utopia within the city and control it by controlling access to the King.

Kuei, however – as a result of Long Feng's conspiracy – had no knowledge of the war with the Fire Nation until Team Avatar came to Ba Sing Se in 100 AG to win his support for a plan to invade the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. Kuei arrested Long Feng and gained control over his city. But this victory didn't last long as the Earth King was deposed by Azula and was forced to flee the city with Team Avatar, after Aang got defeated, battling Azula. Later Kuei separated from Team Avatar to travel the world alone.

Upon his return, Kuei ran the city more autonomously than before, though still heavily influenced by the Council of Five. King Kuei faked his own death during the Dai Li takeover of the city. He escaped with some of his Imperial Guards and remained hidden under the streets of Ba Sing Se. When Team Avatar arrived to the city Kuei was expecting them. Together they hatched a plan to take the city back from the Dai Li. Now showing great bravery he personally led the remainders of his troops side by side with Team Avatar as the attacked the Palace, bringing an end to the Dai Li occupation of Ba Sing Se.

When word got out that the Red Revolt Navy was going to attack the Northern Water Tribe King Kuei assembled a large Airship fleet and sent it towards the North, to help with the defense of the city.

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