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Earth Kingdom emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Earth King Kuei
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75 AG

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A Master and A Traitor

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Phil LaMarr

Earth King Kuei is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian.

Travels around the Earth Kingdom

After escaping after the fall of Ba Sing Se, Kuei decided that he would travel the Earth Kingdom. He left with Bosco to get a better feel for his Kingdom. He travelled all around the Kingdom, gathering knowledge about his people. He eventually ended up in Torung Village, and met a family that he stayed with briefly. While in town, he also met the family's rivals from across town. Kuei decided to try and fix the problem. When the two sides wouldn't budge, Kuei revealed his title as Earth King, and forced them to settle their dispute. In the end, Kuei left the town quietly and ordered the families not to say how their problems were solved.

When he found out that the War was over, he made his way to Omashu, deciding to see how a city was supposed to be run. While there, he learned of the incredibly wise and enlightened king, Bumi. He decided that he would be more like Bumi before leaving the city. Kuei also visited Gaoling, though he did not spend much time there and made little impact on the locals. He eventually made it back to Ba Sing Se, where he was located by Team Avatar. He makes it back into the city, and signs an order to authorize an indefinite search for the Dai Li. He then elaborates to Team Avatar and General How the details of his journey, and his newfound wisdom. He orders a speech to be set up, where he outlines to the citizens of Ba Sing Se his desire for peace. Kuei slightly panics when he discovers that the Dai Li are attacking Ba Sing Se, but trust Team Avatar to defeat them.

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