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Kuei is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is also canon. As the 52nd Earth King, he was the ruler of the largest of the four nations. In reality though, he had no actual control over his country. Real power lay with the Dai Li – who were led by Long Feng, Kuei's Cultural Minister and trusted advisor.


Early Life

Kuei was born to the 51st Earth King and his wife and was therefore the heir to the throne of Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom. Both of his parents died when he was very young and he was raised primarily by the court officials. Long Feng, an aspiring politician, took the opportunity given by Kuei's minority during his reign to seize power. He shut Kuei off from his people and forbid any mention of the Hundred Year War within Ba Sing Se – especially if it was to King Kuei. This allowed Long Feng to create an orderly utopia within the city and control it by controlling access to the King.

The War

Kuei's father, the 51st Earth King, had taken an active role in overseeing the war effort. He had at one point congratulated Brawki for bravery in action. Kuei, however – as a result of Long Feng's conspiracy – had no knowledge of the war with the Fire Nation until Team Avatar came to Ba Sing Se in 100 AG to win his support for a plan to invade the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. Once Long Feng's conspiracy was exposed, Kuei had him arrested and began to take on a more active role in running his country.

But this moment of triumph was brief. Princess Azula of the Fire Nation infiltrated his palace disguised as a Kyoshi Warrior with her friends Mai and Ty Lee. Teaming up with Dai Li agents and the imprisoned Long Feng, they ousted Kuei and the Council of Five. Then Azula betrayed Long Feng and took Ba Sing Se for the Fire Nation. After being overthrown, Kuei retreated with Team Avatar only to separate from them again to travel the world with Bosco.


During his first week traveling alone, Kuei had had a run-in with pirates and been robbed of everything he was carrying except clothes. He had to get a job picking tea leaves on a farm to feed himself and save up enough to start traveling again. Then a few days after he left that, he had a run-in with an angry circus master who tried to steal Bosco - Kuei's pet bear. Kuei and Bosco just barely managed to get away. He had met a lot of interesting people on his journey. Most of them were peasants and other types of people that Kuei wasn't accustomed to meeting in his life as the Earth King. Later, Kuei had stumbled into a village with some kind of celebration festival going on. It was then that he heard the good news that the Hundred Year War had finally ended. He started slowly making his way back to Ba Sing Se to resume his duties as Earth King, a changed man.

On the way back to Ba Sing Se, Kuei ran into Team Avatar in a small village and shared the stories of his travels with them over a cup of tea. At this time, Team Avatar gave him news of what was going on in Ba Sing Se. General How was trying to lead the city in his absence, but some of Long Feng's old political allies were considering restoring him to his old position. Kuei then returned to Ba Sing Se hastily, not wanting to risk coming under Long Feng's control again. Upon his return, Kuei ran the city more autonomously than before, though still heavily influenced by the Council of Five.

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