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Kuan is a Waterbender hailing from the Northern Tribe. Exiled from the tribe on charges of treason and attempted assassination, he makes a living as a bounty hunter and assassin for both the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. After a faulty deal with General Mung, he was imprisoned and only recently escaped.


Early Life

Kuan was raised in a typical Northern Water Tribe family. His mother was the head healer in a nearby hospital while his father was both a soldier and fisherman. Kuan was a prodigious Waterbender, though he frequently slacked off in lessons. He was, however, particularly fascinated with Waterbending's martial uses. Kuan quickly became Pakku's top duelist but was notably deficient in Waterbending's practical uses such as transportation water purification.

Kuan grew up quickly, joining the military at age 20 after failing to complete mastery of Waterbending. His position as a Waterbending dropout prevented him from advancing in the ranks and he spend most of his time as a guard of the Tribe's wall. In his time as a patrolling guard, Kuan memorized the oceanic surroundings of the wall and practiced his combat. Whenever sparring matches occurred among the soldiers, no one dared face Kuan.


A small group of Water Tribe aristocrats began growing dissatisfied with Arnook's rule. They cited his obsession with his daughter's health as being detrimental to the city's well being and began talks of plans to overthrow him. The group eventually contacted Kuan, whom they knew to be talented in combat as well as a person without much respect for the government. After accepting the job, Kuan moved onto the upper tier of the city, incapacitating the Chief's guards and moving on to the family's chambers. Before Kuan could locate the chief, he was knocked out by the warrior who had heard the struggle outside his home. The blunt blow to the back of his head left Kuan nearly dead and, as such, his breathing and heart rate dropped briefly.

After his death had been declared, Kuan was shipped out of the nation in the typical ritual of the Water Tribe. Coming to in the cold arctic ocean, Kuan killed wild animals he found in the ocean to eat before drifting into the Northern Earth Kingdom.


After landing in the Earth Kingdom, Kuan began utilizing his skills as a powerful and uncommon bender to make assassinations and captures for the Earth Kingdom. As he continued in his missions, he discovered that the Fire Nation paid well also, so he began taking jobs from both sides. Eventually, he took a job from General Mung. After completing the mission, Kuan returned for payment. Mung refused and ordered Kuan to go on another mission. Kuan likewise refused, demanding payment for his services. Mung had his soldiers capture Kuan and threw him into the camp's prison.

Kuan met Gahn while in prison and the two bonded. They would talk for hours, having nothing better to do. Kuan learned a lot from the middle-aged Earthbender, gaining a father-son relationship with him. The two remained in prison together for an unknown period of time, as Kuan himself lost track of time. Eventually, a prisoner named Shenji was brought in. The three prisoners talked until, eventually, Shenji's friend Kuro and another soldier named Luo came to the prison disguised as Fire Nation soldiers. The five soldiers escaped, with Kuan feigning incapacitation so the group would look more official.

The group came across General Mung walking through the camp and Kuan recognized this chance to get revenge on his foe. He slashed the General's face, leaving a massive scar before other soldiers forced him to abandon killing Mung. The group fought their way out of the camp, escaping into the woods where the soldiers couldn't follow but losing Gahn on the way. Eventually, when the group stops, Luo orders that Shenji and Kuro go with him. Kuan defeats Luo but spares his life so he may improve on his own character.


Kuan has a serious demeanor but is prone to sarcastic and mean quips at those who are around him. Kuan never connected with children around him, so he has learned to be self-sufficient, but lacks a sense of completion. By spending time with Gahn, Kuan became a deeper and more reflexive person, having considered that his own actions brought him to being an exiled fugitive. It is this desire that has lead him to help Shenji and Kuro, believing that he owes Gahn a debt for turning his life around.


Kuan is an expert combatant, having mastered offensive Waterbending under the tutelage of Master Pakku. However, his overconfidence prevented him from learning the practical aspects of the art, such as bridge creation, waves designed for transports, and other techniques. His bending favors incapacitation techniques such as binding his opponent's limbs.

Despite his combative nature, Kuan will not rush at any battle opportunity. He has learned strategy over the years, giving him insight into how to ensure his survival in as many situations as possible.


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