By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.

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The Water Children PT2 (Brief)

Krokhotep is a royal prince of the krok race and administrator for the Starlight Fighting Championship. He is next in line to rule his kingdom behind his mother, Krokopathra.

Krokhotep was born as a royal pain when it came to the servants. He usually kept causing more and more trouble for himself until one almost fatal accident, when he accidentally was covered in an anti-freeze like substance his mother was working on for a potion, made him stop all together. It's also because of this is why he has blue scales and cloths. But also this incident made him less of a pain and actually a lot more helpful to his servants and mother, sometimes even assisting his servants in some tasks they've been given. Knowing that goofing around can cause big problems in every sense of the word.

This incident with anti-freeze also made him a strange immunity to the cold temperatures, which is extremely unique to a reptilian Krok.

Lost Arc

His first appearance was very brief when he arrived in the town Aquos, Katara, Cyborg, and Sokka were at and asked Tank about the three fighters he heard about. His family line and involvement in the championship were explained a bit by Delath.

His true appearance was when he was bring his trophies to Krokopathra. At first he was quiet until his mother called him back and asked him of what Magmus said. Surprisingly he wasn't as scared as his mother was, reminding her of the "three worriers" that already came by. He went off for preparation afterwards.

Before the Starlight championship, Krokhotep went to see Krokhopathra, whom was very stressed out. After some talking, he got the idea to keep the prizes and guaranteeing the "aliens" to win. That way they can be safe and these generals can get their people. He left afterwards to get things ready.

S.F.C Arc

Through most of the S.F.C Arc, he was mainly in charge of score keep, telling whom won.

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