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Firebending emblem

Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Black Shadow.

Biographical information



100AG (Avatar World)

Physical description




Hair color

Light Yellow

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Double edged Red Spear, Fire, Blades Conceled In Gloves

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Chronological and political information

Prince of Evil


Fire Lord Shinzo


Fire Lord Shinzo


Neo Zaibatsu

First appearance

The Battle Begins


He was born using the Demon King's lifeforce during his time in hell and was left to guard it until the time was right. Shinzo, still afraid of Aang's ever growing powers, summoned the Demon Prince to aid him.

Krios' is ruthless as he ran Hell during its most painful years (For the people in it I mean). He demands perfection from his soldiers and upon arriving commissioned a special task force dubbed 'The Dark Ones' to aid him as he saw the common Neo Zaibatsu as 'average'.

He later attacked Kyoshi Island and murdered everyone on it. He personally killed Ty Lee and Suki at the request of his master. At a Fire Nation beach Krios fought Aang, Zuko and Akuma and although he had the upper hand was shocked to discover he could be hurt or even killed by the Avatar due to his mystic power. His new assignment is to kill all the original ones (Team Avatar, Allies etc.) and has one ultimate task also: To kill his master.

Krios has now taken charge of the mysterious Dark Warrior Program and has succeeded in capturing Hong and subjecting him to his mysterious experiments. It is also rumored that the original Dark Warrior Program was in fact Krios himself.


Krios can regenerate lost limbs and survive any environment, he is most potent not with his Firebending but with his signature weapon a double bladed spear. He uses it to deadly ends and can take down hundreds of troops without even breaking a sweat.

He uses Firebending sometimes but does not value the bending arts highly as he regards the nations using them as copying the animals then killing them. For example Firebenders wiping out flying bisons and dragons. His Firebending is still at master level however in the case of him losing his weapon or it being destroyed. He also has the ability to return from the dead making him immortal as his master can bring him back from hell in the blink of an eye.


Krios is ruthless and will go to any length to achieve his goals, in some cases even putting his allies at risk. Also his own personal aims seem to differ from Shinzo and he could just be waiting to stab his master in the back.

He displays a relaxed attitude to the war as he hardly even seems to care about it and is more concerned about challenging people to Agni Kais to prove his power. He is overconfident but with good reason! He also can travel into a person's mind in a spirit form which he uses to gain information by unleashing a victim's worst fears.


Images are of the character Natsu Tanimoto from the anime series History's Strongest Disciple Kenshi.

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