By Kotohashinken Part of the AvataRPG continuity.
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Fire Nation


Shu Jing



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Avatar Kyoshi, Team Kyoshi

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Team Kyoshi


Her Father

Kotoha was the daughter of a master firebender and an ally of Avatar Kyoshi in her days. When Team Kyoshi stopped by her hometown of Shu Jing, Kotoha wasted no time in asking to join the team. Team Kyoshi however, was hesitant to add Kotoha to their group until she preformed an impressive feat of firebending to aid the team in a fight that erupted in Shu Jing.


As far back as Kotoha can remember it has always been just her and her father. As such the two have a very close bond with one another that was only strengthened by that fact her father is also her firebending master. As a child Kotoha learned from her father and when she became skilled Kotoha even joined in her father's classes with other firebenders. Eventually, around the age of 15 she even began to aid her father in teaching his classes. However, as Kotoha's firebending skills grew and tales of the dangers the Avatar faced began to reach Shu Jing so did her yearning to leave and fight.

However, no matter how many times she asked her father he refused to let her leave. Then one day Team Kyoshi was passing through her town and Kotoha asked to join the team. Though reluctant to let her join at first after witnessing Kotoha's bending skills she joined the team and began her travels.


Kotoha is very curious by nature. In fact it is partly her curiosity that led to her joining Team Kyoshi in the first place. Having a firebending master for a father Kotoha, takes her training seriously and has great pride in her abilities. Kotoha also enjoys her privacy and likes to be alone at times to reflect on her emotions and those she cares about. This allows Kotoha to be a very insightful person when it comes to the members of Team Kyoshi and she does her best to take care of everyone.

Powers and abilities

Kotoha was trained by her father in the art of firebending since she was very young. As such, at the age of 18, Kotoha is an extremely skilled and talented firebender. Her skills could even be called on par with those who have gained the title of master firebender. Though Kotoha can create lightning she has yet to fully master it and avoids using it at all cost.


  • She is named after the ShinkenYellow from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

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