By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

United Republic of Nations, Northern Water Tribe, Southern Water Tribe


United Republic

Birth place

Republic City

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Waterbending (Southern style)


Tum Guon, Ikyina



Chronological and political information

Water distributor of Laobao


Waterbending master

Kossuk was a waterbender employed by Tum Guon to maintain a water supply for the city of Laobao. In 206 AG he helped defend the city against Anjanun and his army, losing his right leg in the battle.


Kossuk was born in Republic City. His father was from the Northern Water Tribe and his mother was from the Southern Water Tribe. He left the city in his early 30's, finally ending up in the Si Wong Desert where he came across Tum Guon. Kossuk became a quick acquaintance with the earthbender, who told him of his plan of making a town somewhere in the desert, and that if he wanted find his town, he should travel east. A few years later, he used Tum Guon's instructions and found the new city of Laobao in the south east.

Kossuk had trouble with maintaining a water supply for the city, having to constantly negotiate with sandbender tribes and sending people to the Misty Palms Oasis and other areas to collect water. When Kossuk arrived, he offered to spend his time in the city collecting water for the city, using his bending at night to collect the moisture from the desert air.

In 206 AG he helped defend the city against Anjanun and his army. A fight with one of Anjanun's generals caused him to lose his right leg. He still carried on helping the city maintain a water supply, using a prosthetic leg.


By the time Kossuk left Republic City, he was already a waterbending master, learning to use water wherever it existed. During his fight against Anjanun's men, he used their own sweat to use against them, and was able to lift a small lake from underground sources of water beneath him.

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