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Water Tribe girl

Koru's daughter at age ten.

Koru was a male Water Tribe member who grew up in the Northern Water Tribe. During his time he was the one that suggested the separation of the tribes. Little did he know that one day his son would bring them back together with a moon festival. Koru and half of the Northern Water Tribe made their way to the South Pole. Koru became leader of a small group of Water Tribe warriors from the Southern Water Tribe. Even though he was the one that basically created the Southern Water Tribe, he was never the chief. His best childhood friend became the first chief of the Southern Water Tribe. With the small group of warriors he lead, Koru started a rebellion against his own friend. Too bad he was out numbered 20 to 1. With the defeat he only had about twelve men left that supported him. His own friend, and new chief, banished him and anyone who helped him. Then Koru and his followers traveled to the Earth Kingdom. Along the way more people joined the group, mostly lost water benders.

Earth benders wanted to join the group, but Koru thought that this wasn't the way it was supposed to be. A full war broke lose on the followers. Koru lost. Koru and seven other males left.

After about ten years, Koru and his pregnant wife traveled back to the tribe only to find nothing. Koru and his wife traveled to Ba Sing Se. There his wife gave birth to their daughter.

After the death of his wife and child about sixteen years later, unknown how, he and some refugees he traveled back to the swamp area where he had once lived. With the help of his new found friends he created the Swamp Tribe we know in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He fell in love with a woman refugee. They had one little boy before she died.

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