Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Korra and Mako's First Date in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Mako and Korra kiss
Korra and Mako's First Date
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The Legend of Korra


After the defeat of Amon and regaining all of her powers to bend all elements, new love started brewing as Mako and Korra kissed in the stunning season finale. But their love continues to go on as they decide to have their first date. Korra can't wait to have her first date with Mako, Asami offers advice to Korra and says she would be happy to plan the date. The airbending girls are stirring up trouble when they spy on Korra's date with Mako and cause trouble for the two of them. But trouble happening everywhere with Bolin and Old Man Row. Old Man Row once used to be a great pro bending champion until he retired. Bolin and Old Man Row start bickering on who is the best pro bending champion. They decide a challenge to determine who is the best and who will be thrown off and in the water. Read the story to find out more! NOT FINISHED!!!


Korra - A 17-year-old girl from the Southern Water Tribe, she is as hot-headed and eager as she is talented.

Mako - A Firebender with a serious side, the handsome and brooding Mako has always taken care of his little brother, Bolin.

Bolin - Mako's younger brother and Pro-bending teammate, Bolin tends to be more laidback and likes to have a good time.

Asami - She's an expert driver and not afraid to mix it up on the racetrack. And she's had the best self-defense training money can buy. She's also a big fan of Pro-bending and goes to every match.

Tenzin - Very serious and calm, he is Korra's airbending teacher, his wife Pema raise their two daughters, Jinora and Ikki, and sons Meelo and Rohan, on Air Temple Island.

Jinora - Daughter of Tenzin and Pema and sister of Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan. She is fond of reading and is starting to get interested in romance and boys.

Ikki - A hyper, fast talking girls who is also starting to get interested in romance and boys. She is also daughter of Tenzin and Pema, and is sister of Jinora, Meelo, and Rohan.

Old Man Row - A crabby old man who used to be a pro bending champion.


(Korra is busy practicing her airbending with Tenzin. She whips and spins and turns until Tenzin signals her to stop)

Tenzin: Very good Korra, you are catching on. Soon you will be an airbending master

Korra: Wow, another compliment. You must be in a really good mood today!

Tenzin: Let's just say I had a good night's sleep, you can go now, I have to meet up with the council

Korra: Thank you, Tenzin

(Korra sits on the steps as Mako walks up and sits next to her)

Mako: Hey Korra

Korra: Hey Mako

Mako: You know what I was wondering?

Korra: What?

Mako: We never had our first date yet

Korra: Hmm never thought of that, I am kind of new to this romance thing so what do we do?

Mako: Maybe you should talk to Asami about that

Korra: Oh, awkward

Mako: Nah she'll be fine, anyway I got to go pick up some dumplings for my brother

Korra: Okay

(The airbending girls are picking up berries from a tree when Korra walks up)

Korra: Hey girls need any help with that?

Jinora: Sure, so anything interesting going on?

Korra: Nothing much

Ikki: Really? Cause we over heard you talking to Mako about a first date!!!

Jinora: Ikki! Can't you keep your mouth shut!

Korra: Relax girls, it's alright

Ikki: So can we plan your date??? We'll make it magical!!!!!

Korra: Oh well um, actually I was gonna go to Asami about that.....

(Korra says awkwardly)

Jinora: Are you sure? I would love to help out

Korra: No it's all right girls, you don't have to

Ikki: Aww but we want to!

Korra: Haha, if I land into any trouble you can help

Ikki: Okay.....but we can do much more.......

(Ikki looks down)

Korra: My decision is final

( The next day, Bolin is walking down the street in the city. He walks up to a flower shop and goes to the counter)

Bolin: Hiya

Old Man Row: What do you want

Bolin: Is someone having a bad day?

Old Man Row: Every day is a bad day for me

Bolin: Well I know something that will make you feel better!

Old Man Row: And what's that?

(Bolin reaches in his pocket and pulls out a piece of string tied into a butterfly. He puts it on the counter and pushes it towards Old Man Row)

Old Man Row: Not feeling any better

Bolin: Well maybe you would if you tried

Old Man Row: I am not standing here to chit chat, you want to buy a flower or no?

Bolin: I want to put a flower near my window to give my room a sparkle! Got any pretty flowers?

Old Man Row: Their all ugly to me, so you judge

(Bolin looks to the flowers hanging on the walls and some that are lined up on the table)

Bolin: They all look fantastic to me!

Old Man Row: You're giving me a headache, if you don't buy something in 30 seconds I'm kicking you out

Bolin: Oh my gosh alright, so sorry, I'll get right on that!

Old Man Row: 25 seconds

(Bolin quickly picks up a pot full of flowers and puts it on the counter)

Bolin: I'll take these daisies!

Old Man Row: That'll be 5 yuans

Bolin: Wow that's really cheap

Old Man Row: Be happy about it

(Bolin gives the money and takes the flowers, he notices a paper on the wall behind Old Man Row)

Bolin: Who is that behind you?

(Old Man Row turns around to the newspaper)

Old Man Row: Why that's me, I used to be one of the best pro bending in the world. Don't play me I can still throw down

Bolin: Haha, sure you can old man

Old Man Row: That sounds like a challenge

Bolin: Everybody knows, from the two of us, I am the best earthbender. I got the strength and good looks and awesome hair. All you got is lumpy skin

Old Man Row: That's it! I can't take it anymore. Let's say we have a little challenge to determine who is the best! Let's say around 7:00 p.m. at your fancy pro bending gym tomorrow. Be there!

Bolin: Fine!

(Bolin leaves the shop. Back at the airbending temple, Korra is asking Asami about her first date with Mako)

Asami: Well my first date with Mako was dinner, but let's try putting more things in then just dinner

Korra: Okay, like what?

Asami: Hmm, ooh I know! You should go visit Harmony Tower!

Korra: Oh I love that place! I remember going there on a date with Bolin

Asami: I never knew you dated him

Korra: I didn't, we just went on a date. That was the time when the whole love thing got confusing

Asami: Oh.....well anyway, how about you get dinner, visit the tower, then go on a romantic carriage ride in the park?

Korra: That sounds nice

Asami: Great! I'll get reservations and find a carriage. You're going to have a wonderful first date! Right after I teach you table manners

Korra: Huh?

(Later that day in the evening Korra walks over to Mako)

Korra: Hey Mako! I talked to Asami, how would you feel about getting some dinner, going to Harmony Tower, and going on a carriage ride?

Mako: That sounds great, I can't wait

Korra: Asami is gonna take care of the reservations and stuff, all we have to do it show up

Mako: Okay, pick you up at about seven?

Korra: Perfect

(The next morning Asami knocks on Korra's bedroom door while she's sleeping. Korra lazily gets up and opens the door)

Korra: Asami? What are you doing here?

Asami: Looking at what outfit you're going to wear tonight!

Korra: Can't this wait? I got airbending practice with Tenzin in 30 minutes. It'll only take 2 hours

Asami: Fine, but right after that, meet me in your bedroom

Korra: Fine

(Korra walks down the steps to the practice boards, she practices until she finishes and walks back to her bedroom to meet Asami)

Asami: Korra! You're back, finally! Okay so I think what you usually wear is fine, but you're gonna change into this for your date.

(Asami holds up a beautiful long gown)

Korra: Asami, that's beautiful

Asami: I know right, I'll do your make up before hand

Korra: Wow, thanks so much. You're really nice

Asami: Thank you, you are too Korra

(Later, Korra goes to Jinora and Ikki to tell the plan)

Ikki: What?!?! That's crazy, who takes a carriage ride in the park? That's so old schooled!!!

Jinora: Ikki, calm down, it's fine

Ikki: No it's not!!! I want her night to be perfect!!! And it won't be perfect unless she wears a pretty pink dress, rides on a horse with him, and share a smoothie together!!!

Korra: Ikki, we already got things planned out, that's really nice of you but we got it covered

Ikki: Wait!!! I have more great ideas!

Korra: Ikki, that's enough, now I got to go meet up with Asami. She's going to teach me something called table manners

Ikki: I can teach you table manners!!! Okay so when you drink tea, you put your pinkie up. When you are not eating, you smile really big. That'll make a boy interested in you!

Jinora: Ikki you know nothing about boys

Ikki: Yes I do!!!

Korra: I'm going to go now.....

(Korra goes to Asami who is in the eating room in the temple. She has arranged a proper dinner)

Korra: Wow, what is all of this?

Asami: You need to practice how to eat and talk and drink. So I got some food here so we can rehearse

Korra: This feels weird

(Korra sits down)

Asami: First thing. Never put your elbows on the table.

Korra: Oh sorry

(Korra takes her elbows off the table)

Asami: Good, now remember; always put these long napkins you'll find in the restaurant on your lap!

(Korra picks up a napkin and looks at it curiously. She places it on her lap and nods. The rest of the day goes on until Asami is finished with her instructions.)

Asami: Perfect! You're ready! But let's have a quick test before you get ready!

Korra: Okay

Asami: Pretend I'm a waiter and that you're on your date with Mako. I'll pretend to be Mako too! Use everything that I taught you!

(Asami gets up and puts the white napkin on her arm. She holds up a tray and pretends to be a waiter. She walks up to Korra)

Asami: Good Evening Ma'am! How are you on this fine day?

(Korra clears her throat and begins to speak)

Korra: I am fine, thank you! I happen to adore your coat!

Asami: Why thank you! Now shall we begin with appetizers?

Korra: Yes but please give me another moment to look over the menu!

Asami: Of Course!

(Asami pretends to leave. She takes off her waiter gear and puts a scarf around her neck, pretending to be Mako)

Asami: Wow Korra, you look amazing

Korra: Thanks, you don't look so bad either!

Asami: I want the Water Tribe chicken, what about you?

Korra: I'll have a light salad

(Asami removes the scarf and gets up from the table)

Asami: Okay that's enough of that, you're ready Korra! Let's get you ready!

Korra: Oh goody....

(Asami and Korra go to Korra's bedroom and finish getting ready. Mako, all dressed up, knocks on Korra's door. Asami and Korra look at the door. Korra opens the door, revealing a long southern style Water Tribe gown. Korra's hair is let down, her makeup shines with her eyeliner and a bit of light blue eye shadow. Mako looks at her in surprise)

Mako: Wow Korra, I've never seen you so beautiful

(He pulls away a strand of hair coming from her face as she smiles. They walk away from the bedroom as Asami whispers to Korra)

Asami: Good Luck!

(Korra and Mako show up at Quang's Cuisine. They take their seats)

Korra: Out of curiosity, who dressed you up to day? I've gotta say, I've never seen you so beautiful too!

(Mako Laughs)

Mako: Haha, Bolin

(Ikki and Jinora peek out from behind a waiter's cart)

Jinora: Ikki we shouldn't be doing this, this is just wrong. Korra would be so mad if she found out!

Ikki: She won't! Plus she needs back up in case anything goes wrong!

Jinora: But I don't think she considers us as her 'back up'

Ikki: I don't care! She'll thank us soon, I know it!

Jinora: But-

Ikki: I don't care what you say, I'm not going anywhere! And you have to stay here with me!

Jinora: Oh and why's that? I can leave if I want too!

Ikki: And I'll be sure to tell daddy that you left me at a restaurant all by myself!

Jinora: You wouldn't! You'd get in trouble too!

Ikki: So what, I'll get in trouble. It'll be worth it!

(Jinora nods her head in disappointment. Meanwhile, Korra and Mako finish their appetizers as the waiter brings their main course. The waiter brings a steaming plate of rice and chicken.)

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