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Appearance Edit

Korra has light brown skin as part of her Mulian heritage. She has

long, flowing, brownish-black hair with two braids in front of her face although she does tend to tie her hair into a pony-tail from time to time. In her Mulian attire, Korra sports a long blue sarong and a tank-top/bikini shirt. Throughout most of the series, Korra is almost always barefoot with the exception of thick brown boots or brown sandals on the surface.


Life in MuEdit

Korra lived a somewhat sheltered life in the city of Mu. She was only ten-years-old when she could discover she could move earth, fire and water at her very whim. Because of this, Korra began to train and hone her skills in order to truly become a fully-realized Avatar

Journey to the Surface WorldEdit

Korra ventured to the surface world upon accepting it is the Avatar's responsibility to learn from nature itself. Upon reaching the surface, the princess discovered the humans of the surface were at war with the Kaiju, gigantic creatures that seemed more like forces of nature as opposed to animals. 

Involvement in the Human-Kaiju WarEdit

Korra was inadvertently dragged into the Human-Kaiju War during a skirmish between two Kaiju, Anguirus and Godzilla. There she came across one of the soldiers, Mako Iwamoto. Her presence also attracted the attention of the malevolent Kaiju King Ghidorah, who had awakened in a remote part of Tibet. During a fierce battle between Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra, MechaGodzilla and Ghidorah, Korra managed to unlock the ability to bend air to which she used to her advantage. It was also during this time she finally entered the Avatar State, giving Godzilla enough opportunity to turn the tide against the three-headed dragon and send him into a hasty retreat. She then returned to Mu to accept her full responsibility as Avatar.  

Spirit UprisingEdit

Two years after her acceptance as the Avatar, Korra was faced with a much more difficult challenge in the form of the dark spirits, angry spirits that were disturbed by the ongoing war between human and Kaiju. Thinking she was alone in this, Korra went off to find a way to stop this threat only to be attacked by three dark spirits named Shinomura, Hokmuto and Femuto. She then washed to shore on Infant Island with no memory and a piece of Shinomura infecting her.

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