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This article is about the fanon variation of the character. For the canon equivalent, see Korra.
Korra CloseUp
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe




153 AG



Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color

light brown/tan

Eye color

light blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Mild martial arts proficiency

Bending style(s)

Airbending, waterbending, firebending, earthbending, energybending


Avatar state, Spirit Recreation Technique (learned as of book 4 of the crossover, and only as a means to manifest her spiritual energies outside bending), Kekkai State Transformation: -"Raava's cloak" Korra (learned as of book 4 of the crossover)


Senna (mother), Tonraq (father)


Tenzin, Mako, Bolin, Asami Sato, Lin Beifong, Eva Shinto, Chireru Amakuni, Josefubu Amakuni, Raava


Borero Amakuni, Vaatu, dark spirits, Equalists Remnant

Chronological and political information



Fully Realized Avatar


Southern Water Tribe, Team Avatar (with Chireru and Eva as a temporary part of it)


Tenzin, Unalaq (formerly), Chireru Amakuni (temporary)


Chireru Amakuni (temporary)

First appearance

"Book 1: Resonance Trigger"

A young woman with an independent streak and a fiery attitude, Avatar Korra is the current Avatar Spirit of a linage of Avatars and is the successor to Avatar Aang.

As the Avatar, Korra has mastery over the four standard elements; fire, earth, water and air. Following the defeat of the Equalist Movement she also gained the ability to energybend, allowing her to undo the damage caused as a result of Amon's ambitions. Her spiritual growth reached new heights following Harmonic Convergence and the defeat of Unalaq and Vaatu, at the expense of her capacity to access her past Avatar lives. Over a month has passed since deciding to leave the Physical and Spirit Worlds connected...Korra has retreated to the Spirit World to rediscover her Avatar role...

Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover

Korra is the lead protagonist, alongside Chireru Amakuni, of the Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover.

Having spent the last few days meditating her new Avatar role under the Tree of Time with Mako for company, he came suddenly and without warning from an unknown world; Borero Amakuni. With disinterest and contempt, he brashly claimed to be the next Dark Avatar. Recalling what Unalaq was like after he became a Dark Avatar, Korra quickly entered her Avatar State and used firebending at the newcomer, only for Borero to displayed his inhuman speed after drinking an unknown drug and fled as quickly as he came. Confused by this turn of events, it wasn't long before two others came from the same place as Borero, a man and a woman. However, witnessing the two interact in a rather ordinary manner, she saw that these two not as dangerous. They introduced themselves to be Eva Shinto and Chireru Amakuni, and that they were tracking Borero, whom Chireru revealed was his brother. Also mentioning he knew nothing of the Avatars, Korra quickly explained an Avatars' role with apparent uncertainty, which Chireru guesses that she was one and further saying that her role would always be required for the purpose to prove peaceful co-existence and not to doubt herself. Once Chireru finished saying that they should focus on finding Borero, one more person appeared from the Borero's resonance portal; Borero and Chireru's brother Josefubu. After explaining the nature of their new crisis by telling them what he had learned and what is necessary to solve it, both Korra and Chireru agreed to teach each other what they needed to learn in response to this new threat. Upon leaving the Spirit World, she realized she didn't have plan of action as to having a means of transportation upon concluding her spiritual meditations. On cue, Mako revealed that Bolin and Asami were also aware of where Korra was and explained that every few days they would be waiting for a signal via Mako's firebending. Once aboard, Josefubu decided to supersede his role as an observer once and utilized an advanced forbidden art to instantly relocate them to Air Temple Island...

In a month's time, Korra had proven adaptable to physically manifesting her spiritual energies, creating a spirit familiar in the form of a flying bison, to which Chireru commented that this was way outside of Eva's characteristics. After an hour of the display, Korra and Chireru, in the audience of their friends, displayed their new capabilities. Chireru first proved capable of bending all the elements in his Shikon Chireru form (first individually, then all at once). However, despite his success in bending himself of Korra's Avatar State elemental sphere, the mental strain of stacking together too many abilities canceled out his Kekkai state and paralyzed him. Korra saved his life at the last second by using airbending to cushion his fall and kept him from landing head-first. Once Eva used a master-level "Spirit Recreation Technique" to stabilize a disoriented Chireru, Korra and Chireru continued with the demonstration. Using the same method that manifested Chireru's first Kekkai State, Korra had finally managed her own Kekkai State...


Canon Abilities

Main article: Korra#Abilities

Abilities (As of Book 4)

Korra Eva Chireru

End result of utilization of "Spirit Recreation Technique"

  • Spiritual Awareness: After training for a month, Korra proves her ability to identify an individual's unique spiritual essence for taking notice of her own spiritual essence being emitted from Chireru's Espada Bombarda
  • Spiritual Redirection/Overpowering: Another skill displayed when she took Espada Bombarda head-on. Though at first she could only hold it in place, when she achieved her Kekkai State, she proved capable of overpowering the weakened technique with little effort. She later uses this skill against Borero's Dark Avatar State-powered KuroTsu-Hoshi while in her Kekkai State, catching it barehanded and applying a variation of the purification ability in conjunction with this skill, rendering the powerful attack ineffective.
  • Spirit Recreation Technique: A ability taught to Korra by Eva, due to the proven difficulty of Chireru's unrefined methods of teaching Korra to manifest her spiritual energies outside bending. This ability was simpler in manifesting her spiritual abilities simply because its basest application is reminiscent to that of the advanced healing techniques applied to water bending. This ability allows one to create a spirit familiar, using one's manifested spirit energy as a catalyst. The spirits personality are dependent of its maker, and its characteristics depend on how much spiritual energy as the catalyst. This skill is learned for training purposes only and doesn't see actual combat when used by Korra. Though only a beginner in this technique, she manages to make a spirit familiar in the likeness of a flying bison, which is outside of Eva's characteristic parameters, despite Eva being the inventor and master of the technique.
Korra KekkaiState

Korra, in a Kekkai State form

Kekkai State Transformation

Kekkai State 1: Raava's Cloak Korra- Once having learned to manifest her spiritual energies, Chireru showed her his initial Kekkai State and its requirements; A spiritual connection, a physical connection and a catalyst to condense them into a single form. After trial and error, Korra manages her Kekkai State form after withstanding an Espada Bombarda from some of her own spirit essence mixed in. With her physical body, Raava as her spiritual connection and her Avatar State as its catalyst, it creates a form where Korra is wrapped up in a spiritual cloak that is the outward manifestation of her and Raava's spiritual powers.

  • Enhanced capabilities: Korra's general capabilities, such as speed, mobility and strength are enhanced, as is her general bending ability. 
  • Enhanced energybending: While in this form, her abilities with energybending are enhanced and augmented, allowing Korra to bend her own energy and manifest it, similar to the method of manifesting her spiritual energies taught to her by Chireru. The energy created via this energybending variation is a form of pure energy and is far more potent than mere spirit energy.
  • Ten'nen-Hoshi(Natural Star): The name pays homage to Chireru's KuroTsu-Hoshi(Black Star), it is reformed energy created by Korra's inner energy(and when first used, Chireru's remaining energy) via energybending. It becomes a ball of weaponized energy that incapacitates an enemy without killing them, and robs them of any chi-rooted abilities, such as bending, spirit energy control or abnormal powers such as Okotta's 'Power to Destroy'.


  • This fanon article of Korra is partially influenced by its canon counterpart.
  • For additional information for the Kekkai State, go here

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