By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Korra looking smug
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Water Tribe

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South Pole



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Kya (Mother), Katara, Sokka (siblings)


Aang, Katara, Weed, GB, Smith-San, Toph, Smellerbee, more...


Blue, Alam, Zuko, more...

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Book 1: Water -

Korra is a strong water-bender from the South Pole and oldest sibling of Katara and Sokka.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 1: Water

South Pole

Korra first appears with Katara and GB as they went off for some ice fishing. They managed to find Aang and Weed in the snow and she helped bring them back to their village. She spoke to them for a while, asking where they were from, and what happened to them until she was called away on an emergency from a Fire Nation invasion. She helped protect Aang when Alam found them. She tried to hold off him and Zuko until Aang drove them off. She showed up later congratulating Aang for his triumph, despite the fact Aang can't remember anything. Later on she decides to join Aang since she needed some more action in her life, and what better way to get that then join the Avatar?

Kyoshi Island

During their time on Kyoshi Island, she was more of a side character.

North Pole

During their time in the North Pole however, she was attacked and kidnapped by Blue. When she was taken to his trophy room, she was sexually harassed by Blue and his servants. She was frozen at the time so she couldn't do much besides groaning. She was released later when Katara broke his spell by removing Blue's fangs.

Book 2: Earth

For much of the time before Ba Sing Se, she was shown as a side character except when she convinces Wan Shi Tong to let them look around until they found a clue for how to stop the war.

Ba Sing Se

When they did reach Ba Sing Se, she was at the market with Katara and Ty Lee when she was slashed by an unknown animal. The wound healed but caused her to get "Spiritual Stripes". She was the first to discover what happened to them. But she went on with it.

During their stay and after she was cured by Smith, she was givens note from an unknown man ( Tom) after reading it, she and the rest race off to get them. But during this, Hougen came and she was fighting them off until Aang was attacked.

Book 3: Fire

Korra was serving minor role when Aang woke up until before their first stop when she and Hope went and talked to Zuko about his dream. During the talk she mentions that she too had one of these dreams before they met Aang in the first place.

Book 3: Air

Her role in this story is a bit increased. When they were dropped off at the eastern air islands, she asked at a point if the death of Ozai was any suspicious. She explained that someone had to be there when he was killed before Aang came in. She had trouble figuring it out until Zuko and Azula said that Hougen must of done it.

She and Smellerbee were still thinking of it that morning and went on a walk to look for Toph. She understood Smellerbee's determination, but didn't understand her true royalty towards her until Smellerbee told her.

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