Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
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Water Tribe



Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


21 (Book Five: Memory)


153 AG

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Airbending, Metalbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Waterbending


Avatar State


Ziyou (twin sister), Tonraq, Senna (parents), Unalaq (uncle), Desna & Eska (cousins)

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Team Avatar

Korra Is a courageous, brave girl and current Avatar from the Southern Water Tribe. In comparison with the other Avatars, Korra was the most accomplished Avatar, having opened the Spirit portal, defeating Vaatu on the Harmonic Convergence, and even creating a spirit portal herself.

Book Five: Memory

The defeat of Kuvira and her super weapon had left Korra with the mission to not only help the Earth Kingdom evolve, but also help expand Republic City after the events. In the course of 8 months, the Avatar helped expand the city, her first priority as the city's downtown area had become the main center for Korra's new portal. She had also been spending more time within the Spirit World, having a much easier method to entering the Spirit World, now that the spirit portal was open.

During one of these trips, when she was supposed to help with some of the construction in Republic City, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Kai convinced her to play a game of "capture the flag", in the Spirit World. She positioned herself in front of the flag, and easily stopped the Air Acolytes and their spirit friends from taking the flag, winning the game. Their commotion, however, disturbed one of the older spirits and she tried to reason with it. Soon after the spirit went away, she was reminded that she was supposed to help with the construction, cutting their playtime short.

As the day went on, she helped out some more with the project and, later on that night, was staring off into the portal back on Air Temple Island when Mako went to see her. She explains to Mako that, although she was happy that she was handling the project, she felt that she lacked that action that kept her going. So, when Mako was called in to help with a robbery, Korra decided to join him.

Mako and Korra arrived on the scene, where Lin Beifong had already arrived with her squad. When Lin explained the situation to her, Korra decided to go inside and see if she could talk her into giving up. When inside, she confronted the thief and she began talking to her, trying to reason with her. When she realized she was too stubborn to quit, she tried to call a bluff by saying that she would call in the squad on her. After a keen eye, she realized the thief was lying about the hostage and was thus attacked. After that, Korra found out how similar the thief looked to her, and the fact that the thief knew her true name shocked her for a bit until the police chased after the thief again. She trailed behind and confronted the thief, who was later revealed to be Ziyou. Korra demanded some answers from her, though didn't get very far with her as the police began to gain on them. After Ziyou left, Korra decided to go after her alone, not wanting the police involved.

Reuniting with Ziyou

The following day, she, her friends and Tenzin's family went out to the air field, where Asami Sato was going to test out a new type of Hummingbird Mecha Suit. However, the idea didn't exactly work, and Korra helped Asami out with getting the machine back to the shop, on Naga. When they got back to the shop, Korra tells Asami about her predicament with the thief from the night before, and Asami agreed to go with her to the spirit portal in order to meet up with Ziyou.

Later on that night, she and Asami went to the portal as requested, and soon were confronted by Ziyou once again. Soon after she arrived, Ziyou revealed herself as her twin sister. Korra was shocked upon hearing that, and even more so when Ziyou told her past involvement with her uncle, Unalaq. Soon after Ziyou was finished, Korra advised for both of them to start heading home, telling Ziyou that she fully believed her every word.

North Pole

Korra helped Ziyou back to Air Temple Island, without waking anyone up, and told Ziyou about her own adventures to catch Ziyou up before they went to sleep. The next morning, Korra awoke to find Ziyou on her window sill, instead of the makeshift bed she made for her. It didn't take very long before Ikki ran in, about to tell her some news when she saw Ziyou. Korra introduced them both, and got the news that Desna and Eska wanted to see her as soon as possible, claiming to have some trouble with spirits. After hearing the news, she got herself ready to go, along with her friends who also got the news. Korra introduced them all to Ziyou, and when Ikki also said she wanted to go, Korra managed to convince her (temporarily) to stay in the city and help the others out while she was away. With that, she and her friends went off on their Airship towards the North Pole.

The trip itself was uneventful, aside from her friends getting to know her twin sister a bit more, all and all, when the group stopped at a seaside town to get more supplies. It was here where they came across Ikki again, who explained to her that she wasn't going to be left out again. After some talk, and convincing from Ziyou, Korra agreed to let her come along. As the others went back, Korra commended Ziyou for being smart with her decision, and they both went back into the airship.

Later on that night, after some conversation with Ikki, Korra went back to her quarters, recalling what had happened to her so far, when Asami came in to see her. Korra told Asami about what happened, and how she was actually happy for it. She also thanked Asami for coming with her, resting her head on her shoulder. However, Ziyou caught them in their moment, which made them cut their time short as she and Asami went to stop Ziyou from ratting them out. They'd just managed to convince her to stop before arriving to the North Pole.

She and the others went right to Desna and Eska, who get the issue out to them. Korra got an idea, and tried to used her spiritual technique in order to send the Qishi back to the Spirit World. This plan didn't work, though, and she was beaten down for it. After that plan failed, she went with her own group, consisting of Mako, Bolin, Eska and Opal. Korra tried, with Bolin's help, to trap the Qishi in an earth trap. But once again, the plan didn't work and she was beaten for it.

When they went back to the palace, Korra and Ikki decided to call Tenzin, since Ikki had forgotten to talk to him once they arrived. After talking for a bit, Korra promised Tenzin to keep Ikki safe while on the trip. As soon as she got back, she found the Qishi beating up Naga, and started going on the offensive, fighting the Qishi alongside her friends for a while until Naga drove them off.

Before Korra could leave, she heard the information about Ikki, and the call from Izumi about the Fire Nation having a similar issue. Changing the plans, Korra decided that they needed to go to the Fire Nation. Korra did have some resentment when Desna and Eska decided to come along, but let them join anyway.

Fire Nation

After that choice was established, Korra, Asami and Mako spoke for a while, which began to escalate into a fight once her relationship with Asami was brought up, Mako apparently having issues with it. Eventually, Korra stormed off with Asami until they arrived at Jang Hui. Once they did, Korra had to stay behind when Asami got attacked and infected by a Flower Squid, and she wanted to help her out. Before they left, she and Ziyou went out for a walk with Naga, talking for a bit until they first came across El Niño. Korra, not knowing El Niño at the time, told him about her Avatar status and what they do, which oddly caused El Niño to run off.

Soon, she left Jang Hui, and continued to the west until they were flagged down into Fire Fountain City, where she discovered Fire Lord Izumi already there. After being informed about the situation, she assured her that she'd keep the place safe. While she was on patrol though, she came across El Niño again and ended up in a fight. During it, she ended up drugged by accident, El Niño bending imported cactus juice in her mouth. When found, Korra became deeply drunk due to the juice, acting rather sporadic and airheaded. During this, she utterly demanded 'her Asami' and wouldn't go anywhere until she got her with her. She only went back once Ziyou convinced her that Asami would be waiting for her there. On the airship, Korra continued acting drunk and, when Asami was brought in, Korra acted 'lovey-dovey' around her until she passed out on top of her, remaining that way while they left Fire Fountain City.

Korra woke up the next day, recovered from the cactus juice, and soon figured out about the fate of Fire Fountain City. Korra wanted to go back to keep her promise to Fire Lord Izumi. She was only stopped when Desna spoke with her, getting her to think clearly on the matter at hand, as they set off to the next town. Upon arriving, Korra helped Asami out as they went over to the Phoenix Inn, where Korra was introduced to the staff by Desna. Later on, when the group was discussing El Niño, and after Mako suggested to fight El Niño on the spot, Korra reluctantly refused that option and instead tried to contact the spirits to see if they knew anything more about him. When she arrived in the Spirit World, though, the Qishi had invaded there as well, and had also flooded the spirit forests. Korra ended up being attacked by the Eelpole, and was torn to shreds. During this, a figure told her to meet her at the Fire Nation palace, just before she woke up back in the physical world in a state of shock until Bolin calmed her down. After explaining what happened, Korra heard Naga bark outside, and quickly noticed the airship flying off without them. Korra and the others chased after it, and got inside of it, but still had the trouble of the Qishi to handle. Korra assisted in Kai's plan in creating a tornado, by making an air orb to keep the ship stable. However, she quickly stopped once she saw Naga getting pulled out, and tried to save her, but was unable to.

When they crashed, Korra was found awake but deeply withdrawn from the loss of Naga. She quickly went on to blame Kai for the loss and also argued with Ziyou when she tried to defend him until Eska stopped her and convinced her to start walking to find civilization. Eventually, she and the others came across Sekitan and were told about the dangers thanks to the Blimpus. She decided to get some food before leaving and, while there, explained to the others about how she and Naga met in the first place. Once she noticed Hotaru come in, Korra told an impatient Ziyou that they needed all the help they could get and went with Hotaru to help reach the Fire Nation Capital.

When they arrived at the Capitol, Korra and the others took the time to meditate there in order to go to the Spirit World to meet with Chi. When they did, Korra reunited with Naga, and found out about how to defeat El Niño once and for all. When she returned, almost immediately, she went out and tracked down El Niño in the Capitol. It took quite a long chase before Korra finally got her chance, but she also had to sacrifice Eska in order to do so. Afterwards, Korra felt a bit distraught about the situation she'd caused, but managed to calm down after talking to Izumi, before she went back to Republic City.

Book Six: Shadow

She eventually returned to Republic City, and spent most of her time in practice and meditation, a part of being the Avatar. During one of these sessions, Ziyou had discovered her, and tried to pounce at her, only to have her dodge it. After some quick catching up, Korra and Ziyou decided to check up on Jinora's airbending school. She also agreed to go along with Ziyou's prank to disguise as one another before arriving, which worked out very well - and she found out about Ziyou's 'Zizi' nickname.

Hunting the Voronon

Soon after Korra found out about the Voronon, Korra gathered up her friends and began another adventure in order to stop the beasts from attacking the Earth Kingdom. While traveling, Korra and the others found Gronihag, another Voronon. Korra fought the beast until Kai defeated it. While traveling through the Earth Kingdom, she found out about the incident of the Serpent's Pass and went over to investigate the danger. Upon finding an abandoned boat, Korra began looking around inside for any survivors, finding Yiplov in the cargo hold alongside Asami. Korra fought against Yiplov but was getting brutally beaten for it. When Asami was taken away, Korra quickly gave chase and soon got her free from Yiplov's grasp.

Soon afterwards, Korra was looking over the map when Asami came up with the idea to split up, an idea Korra didn't want to go with. After some convincing though, Korra did eventually come to terms and went along with it. When they dropped Asami off at Si Wong Desert, Korra personally said her goodbye before being brought off. While traveling, Korra agreed with Ziyou to face Katayt and Koyot at Accuro. When they both arrived into the ruins, Korra and Ziyou fought against the Voronon, but were soon trapped in a self-made prison cell. Unable to bend out, Korra and Asami managed to tell Jinora (who found them using her spirit projection), their situation and could only wait. However, the longer she waited, the weaker she got due to lack of air, and she and Ziyou both passed out by the time they were rescued.

She woke up back in a Ba Sing Se hospital, recovering from the shock and injury. While there, she and Ziyou eventually found out about Liunovvix roaming around Ba Sing Se, and while she loved to help out, she was convinced to stay in bed and recover by Asami. Eventually though, Korra and Ziyou did get out and took battle with Liunovvix. During the fight, Korra managed to burn it, but that was as far as she got during the fight. After that was over, and she recovered, she joined the others for the fireworks celebration.

For the days to follow, Korra continued to face other voronon, such as Toroon, until she began heading back to Republic City, where she found Taar. Korra herself tried her best to defeat Taar, and stop it, but in the end she was unable to, which resulted in the fall of Republic City. While she saved Asami Sato from her death, her inability to save the city, cost it by a million, a burden she felt like was her fault.

United Purgatory

During the United Movement, Korra and the others were called in by Raiko in order to check up on Republic City since its fall two weeks prior. She agreed, got her friends together, and soon arrived within the city. However, upon arrival, she soon was attacked by the monsters, and was soon separated from the others. She woke up sometime later to find her pet, Naga, and was soon taken to a secluded area in order to heal herself. While there, her past life, Aang, soon came to her, and helped her with her guilt over the loss of the city. When she was finished, she left with Naga, and soon found Ziyou, Bolin, and Mako by the docks, where she agrees to go with them. While she was, they eventually got onto the Aang Memorial Island, where she tried to find Asami and Kai. During this, she found a human-sized doll, which cursed her before she could react. Korra became horrified with the doll, and barely fought back for the time being until it was removed by Jinora. To heal, Korra and the rest went to the Spirit Portal, and upon entering the Spirit World, realized the truth behind the monsters. After figuring this out, she agrees to go with the Spirits to the other portal to the North Pole.

Book Seven: Order

After arriving in the North Pole, Korra remained there for a few days until she had fully recovered from her experience, and soon began returning to Zenshu.

A full year had past, and Korra was still doing her job as the Avatar, as she helped Mako and Kuvira with handling some of Big Momma's goons. Sometime later, Korra and Asami both went out on a night together, enjoying themselves throughout the whole event. However, while stopping by the shore, Korra and Asami was attacked by Kirra, whom Korra became quickly afraid of. After some explanation, Korra demanded her to leave, telling her that she gotten rid of her years ago. Korra tried to fight, but was nearly killed when Kirra was taken back, giving Asami and Korra enough time to escape.


Korra's a brave and courageous woman, not one to simply back away from a fight once one's presented to her. However, while she used to be more tough, she had grown more sympathetic towards others since her involvement with Kuvira. However, if her relations with a person are more negative, she wouldn't hesitate to fight them.


Avatar State

As with every Avatar, she has the ability to enter a powercharged effect known as the Avatar State, in which the Avatar's power is at its peak. However, this state makes her vulnerable in losing her connection.

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