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The Legend of Korra





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Korra Sato

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January 30, 2015

February 13, 2015 (Update 1)

February 23, 2015 (Update 2)

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"The Confrontation"

"Korra's Odyssey" is the third episode of Book Five: Connections of The Legend of Korra and the 55th of the overall series. It was released on the Avatar Fanon Wiki on January 30, 2015. It was updated on February 13, 2015. A second and final update was published on February 23, 2015.


Korra goes on a journey across the world to reconnect with her past lives. Lin, Su, Mako and Bolin lead a top-secret operation to stop the remnants of the Earth Empire once and for all.


Korra stood as stationary as possible as the fear-striking face of Koh stared into her eyes as if he was trying to read her like a book. She realised her breaths were fast, so she focused her mind on her them. Slowly, her breaths returned to a constant speed and she was ready to face Koh.

  Korra replied to Koh in an emotionless voice. "Yes, you can."

  Koh changed his face to show a woman. This disgusted Korra, but she didn't show it. The woman's face looked at Korra expectedly.

  "I need to reconnect to my past lives in order to stop Vaatu," Korra explained.

  "Reconnect to your past lives?" Koh asked inquisitively. "Impossible."

  "Not according to Raava."

  "Raava can be wrong."

  Korra was angry, but still her face showed no emotion. "I guess. But she can also be right."

  Koh changed his face once again. This time, he showed the face of a man. He was handsome, but now all he was, was another face in Koh's infinite collection. "Hm."


  Team Three was commanded by Mako and consisted of Jinora, Desna and Wing. All of them bent a different element: a valuable asset. Their mission was to strike from above, and in order to do this they had to climb a building ten blocks from the warehouse. 

  Even though Mako was the leader, Jinora was the one who usually took charge and ordered the group on when to execute their part of the mission. As Team Three, they had to wait until Teams One and Two, commanded by Lin and Suyin, had made it through the sewers underneath the warehouse. It was a maze down there and it was gonna take them a while to navigate themselves through the labyrinth. When they had made it through, they would produce a signal, but no one knew what that signal would be. Lin had told Mako he would know the signal when he saw it...or maybe even when he heard it.

  And he did.

  The earth beneath the building began to rumble. It was unusual. It was unnatural. It was the signal.

  Mako and his team jumped from building to building, except for Jinora who glided across the countless buildings. They stopped at the building just before the large warehouse. The ceiling of the warehouse was created with glass windows and frames scattered across the surface. 

  Mako turned to his team. "We jump in three, two, one."


  Koh's face changed another time. This time, it was the face of a beautiful woman that even Korra found slightly attractive. A faint voice bounced around her head. Ummi. Korra's eyes slightly widened, but she immediately returned her face to an expressionless one to avoid the stealing of her face. 


  Ummi's face smiled devilishly. "Yes."

  Explore their pasts, travel to their homes and face what they had to face, one way or another. 

  A plan formulated itself into Korra's mind. Without expression, Korra placed her hand on the forehead of Ummi's face. Ummi's eyes widened as a blinding white light lit up Korra's eyes. After a few seconds, she collapsed to the ground with her eyes closed.

  Korra heard footsteps. A hand placed itself onto Korra's chin and lifted her head. Another hand touched her back and hoisted her to her feet. Korra's eyes slowly opened to find Avatar Kuruk kneeling beside her.

  "Avatar...Kuruk?" Korra asked weakly.

  Kuruk smiled. "Yes, Korra. I'm here, as well as all of the other Avatars from the Water Tribes."


  "Yes, she's next," Kuruk explained. "Go to Kyoshi Island and train with her warriors. Maybe then you'll reconnect to her."

  Kuruk began to slowly fade away with the wind.

  Korra sat there for a few seconds. She looked up to see Koh with an evil grin on his face. "You...showed...expression!"

  Koh lunged toward Korra. Korra's instincts forced her to spray Koh with fire from her hands which pushed her back towards the Spirit Portal. Korra flew through the Spirit Portal and landed on the soft snow. She sighed in relief. And then she chuckled.


  Team Four followed Bolin through the streets of Republic City towards the warehouse. Opal, Eska and Wei stopped as Bolin looked around the corner. He looked back to his team. "It's all clear, but we have to wait here until the signal."

  Eska looked Opal up and down. "So this is who you answer to now, Bolin."

  Bolin looked back to Eska with a confused face. "What's happening now?"

  Eska pointed at Opal. "That's your new boss?"

  Wei chuckled. "Opal's no boss."

  Bolin smiled. "Ooh, that's what you mean. No, Opal isn't my boss."

  "Boss. Girlfriend. Same thing." Eska replied with a shrug.

  "Well, Opal and I-"

  The ground beneath them began to shake.

  "That's the signal," Bolin explained as he jumped into a strong stance, ready to bend and fight. "Everyone, get ready."


  After a long meditation session with Avatar Kuruk, Korra arrived at Kyoshi Island. As she stepped onto the sandy shore of the island, Korra discovered that it hadn't evolved as much as the rest of the world, but that wasn't a problem. 

  When she walked into the town, everybody recognised the Avatar. There was even a guy whose mouth started foaming at first sight of Korra. A large crowd cheered. "Korra! Korra! Korra! Korra!"

  Korra grinned. "Thank-you! Thank-you all!" 

  The crowd started to die down.

  "I'm here to train with the Kyoshi Warriors in order to reconnect with Avatar Kyoshi."

  The crowd cheered once again as the Kyoshi Warriors walked in single-file towards Korra. As they got closer to Korra, they spread out into countless straight rows. In unison, they bowed to Korra. Korra bowed back in respect. 

  The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors stepped forward towards Korra. "It is an absolute honour to meet you, Avatar Korra. We have all heard of your triumphs across the world."

  Korra grinned. "Thank-you. And your name is...?"

  "Nukka," the leader replied. "And this is my daughter, Anana."

  Anana looked to be about fifteen years old. She bowed to Korra who bowed back once again. "We've heard countless stories of the Avatar, even of the Avatar before you, Aang."

  "And we believe friendships can transcend lifetimes," Nukka added. "My father was friends with the Avatar."

  Korra's eyes widened in disbelief. "You're Sokka and Suki's daughter?"

  Nukka nodded. "Don't be so surprised, Avatar. You've already met a child of Sokka's. I believe you know Suyin Beifong, leader of Zaofu?"

  "She's Sokka's daughter too?" Korra asked with confusion. "I'm really confused."

  Nukka chuckled. "We can talk about this inside."


One of the Kyoshi Warriors poured Korra a cup of tea.

  "Thank you," Korra said with a smile.

  The Kyoshi Warrior nodded with a smile and placed the teapot on the table. Korra sipped some of the tea.

  Nukka raised the cup to her lips and slowly drank some of the contents. She exhaled once she pulled the cup from her mouth. "Nothing beats tea."

  Korra placed the tea back onto the table. "It sure is calming."

  Nukka nodded. "Yes, it is." There was a pause. "I was wondering, why are you here, Avatar Korra?"

  "Well, I have discovered a way to reconnect to my past lives after they were ripped from me by Vaatu and the only way I can do that is to train with the Kyoshi Warriors...I think."

  Nukka beamed at Korra. "That sounds wonderful! We can begin as soon as you like."

  "Now would be a good time."


  Splash! Splash! Splash! echoed in the sewers, rebounding from the walls. Lin could only hope that the Earth Empire soldiers didn't hear them. Su quietly ran beside Lin. After a few seconds, Teams One and Two stopped for a rest, panting. 

  Su looked up to Lin. "Have you thought of a signal yet?" Su asked.

  Lin sighed. "No. I can't think of anything that could be loud enough for every team to hear." She kicked at a puddle of sewage.  

  Su put her hand on Lin's shoulder. "Calm down, Lin. We'll think of something."

  "We better, or we'll be here at midnight."

  The rest of the team didn't pay any attention to their conversation; Bumi quietly followed a sewer rat, Huan had torn a chunk of metal from the side of the sewer and was manipulating it into different shapes and states, Kai stood alert and ready next to Iroh, and Ikki almost vomited as Meelo picked his nose and flung the booger at her. 

  Even though they were all doing their own things, they all looked in the same direction as a Screech! of metal echoed across the sewers. Lin's eyes widened and she looked to Su. "They're here."

  On cue, ten Earth Empire soldiers emerged from the walls and bent metal cuffs towards their enemies. They all attempted to dodge them, but all of the cuffs met their mark...all except for Lin and Su's. With their training, they were able to evade the metal cuffs and redirect them towards the soldiers. They managed to knock five of the guards out, but they were still outnumbered. 

  A chunk of metal made contact with Su from behind, forcing her to her knees. Another chunk was sent to her ankles, keeping her on her knees. 

  "Su!" Lin yelled in fear of what might come next. She redirected one of the metal cuffs towards an Earth Empire soldier and rushed towards her sister. As another chunk of metal clasped itself around Su's lower head, covering her mouth, Lin dodged and evaded the countless pieces of flying metal all aimed towards her. Without warning, one hit her in the forehead, sending her flying back into a puddle of sewage water. She got up, drenched and dripping, but she was surrounded. There was no fighting her way out of this one.


  Korra followed every movement the Kyoshi Warriors made as Nukka shouted orders.

  "Lift! Kick! Down! Slice!" 

  Korra was not used to wearing makeup, but Nukka had insisted. Maybe you'll feel more connected to Kyoshi if you wear the armour. Nukka was right: she did feel more connected to Kyoshi, but what she didn't understand was how Kyoshi could bother wearing all of this makeup and dresses and whatnot while she was fighting Chin the Conqueror. It was unnecessary. 

  "Lift! Kick! Down! Slice!" 

  Nukka had been repeating the same words for about an hour now. Korra looked around to the other Kyoshi Warriors. None of them looked bored and they made it look so easy, so effortless. 

  Korra sighed. "I'm sorry, Nukka, I need a break."

  All of the Kyoshi Warriors stopped and looked at Korra with disbelief. Nukka nodded to the Kyoshi Warriors and they dispersed. Nukka walked towards Korra.

  "What's wrong, Korra?" Nukka asked with concern.

  "I'm sorry, Nukka. This is all interesting and all, but I still can't escape the feeling that this is never going to work," Korra explained. "Maybe there's another way? Maybe I could meditate before her statue or in her temple? I don't know, but what I do know is that this isn't working and I don't think it will."

  Nukka nodded. "I understand. You're looking for someplace that meant a lot to Avatar Kyoshi?" 

  Korra shrugged. "I think so. Yes."

  Nukka smiled. "Well, I think I have just the place."


  Nukka led Korra to a peninsula, the exact peninsula that Avatar Kyoshi had stepped on the day Kyoshi Island separated from the Earth Kingdom, as it was known then. 

  "Does this feel spiritual enough for you, Korra?" Nukka asked.

  "It's perfect." Korra walked towards the edge and sat down with her legs crossed. 

  "I'll leave you to it." Nukka walked off, out of sight.

  Korra was all alone with not a care in the world. She closed her eyes and remembered the story of Avatar Kyoshi and Chin the Conqueror. She had heard the story countless times. She envisioned the moments Kyoshi had experienced. She was Avatar Kyoshi. Chin stood before her. He was small, and so were his feet. Korra felt her eyes glow and within seconds, Avatar Kyoshi was separated from the mainland. 

  When Korra opened her eyes, she was staring at large feet. She looked up to find Avatar Kyoshi standing before her, a faint green aura around her. 

  "Rise, Avatar Korra."

  Korra returned to her feet. "Kyoshi! It's you!"

  "Korra, you have reconnected to your past lives from the Earth Kingdom. Now, you must travel to the Fire Nation," Kyoshi ordered. "Avatar Roku is waiting for you."

  Kyoshi blew away with the wind as Korra stood with a large grin on her face.


  The Earth Empire soldier threw Lin and the rest of her team to the feet of their generals. The feminine one walked slowly towards Lin. With her bending, she lifted Lin to her feet and ripped away the piece of metal covering her mouth.

  "Where did you find them?" 

  "In the sewers, General Anju," replied one of her supporters.

  "In the sewers?" Anju inquired. "Tell me, Chief Beifong, why would you and all of these other benders be down in the sewers with you?"

  Lin spat at Anju and it landed in her mask. She wiped away the spit with her gloved hand. "I'm afraid that's going to cost you, Beifong." She threw Lin to the ground, harshly. Lin grunted and groaned and almost went unconscious. 

  "Let's try the other Beifong," suggested the masculine leader.

  "Excellent idea, Kanan," Anju agreed. "Would you like to do the honours?"

  "Of course." He roughly lifted Su to her feet with his metalbending and tore away the clasp across her mouth. "Speak, Beifong."

  Su didn't respond.

  "Maybe all she needs is an incentive," Anju suggested. She threw Lin across the room as if she were a lifeless doll. Her body slammed against the cold hard metal. Anju pressed Lin's body against the wall.

  "Lin!" Su shouted. "Please, stop, please! I-I'll talk!"

  Just as Anju was about to slam her into another wall, she loosened her grip on Lin and let her collapse to the ground. Lin rolled a few metres as she fell.

  "What were you doing down in the sewers?" Kanan asked.

  Su couldn't see anything behind Kanan's masked face, nor could she see anything behind Anju's face. For all she knew, they could be anything. They could be spirits. "We-we were trying to broker a treaty with the United Nations and the Earth Empire."


  The metal reformed around Su's throat and squeezed. She gasped for air, clawing her cuffed hands at her throat, trying to pry off the metal. 

  "Tell the truth!"

  Lin could barely see what was happening, but she knew something was wrong. She slowly rose to her feet, anger in her eyes. When her eyes adjusted, she saw that the situation was worse than she could have ever imagined. Her eyes widened in shock and horror. "Stay...away...from my...SISTER!" Lin could've torn down the whole warehouse, but she would've risked Su's life. Instead, she decided to take the safer route, which wasn't much safer. Suddenly, the earth beneath the warehouse began to tremble violently. The glass from the windows shattered and fell to the floor. Kanan, Anju and many members of the Earth Empire fell to their sides. The metal around Su's throat had been bent off and she was on her knees with her hands in the dirt for restraint, gasping for every breath of air she could get. 

  And then the glass on the ceiling smashed into countless, tiny shards raining down on them. The double doors were thrown off their hinges. Teams Three and Four entered the warehouse, forming a circle around the Lin, Su and the rest of their teammates. The earthquake stopped.

  Mako walked towards Lin and held out his hand. She took it and, with Mako's help, hoisted herself  back onto her feet. "Are you alright, Chief?"

  "You couldn't have come at a better time," Lin admitted.

  "Nice signal, by the way," Mako commented.

  "That wasn't the signal."

  Lin walked towards her gasping sister and knelt beside her. "Su."

  Su looked up to Lin. "Lin. I'm so sorry."

  "Don't apologise. We're leaving now."

  Lin helped Su to her feet and then turned her attention to Kanan and Anju. "The Earth Empire is finished. You are all traitors against the United Republic of Nations and therefore criminals. Arrest them."

  On instinct, Kanan and Anju bent a metal half-sphere around themselves and disappeared from sight. Lin and Su tore it open to find nothing, not even a hole in the ground.

  "Track them down!" Lin ordered as her police force entered the room. 

  They rushed past Lin and Su and opened a hole beneath their feet.

  Lin fell to her knees. "This is...all my fault." Tears dripped down her cheeks.

  Su crouched beside Lin, her hand around her shoulder. "No, it isn't. This was just a minor bump that we'll have to work around. We'll find them again. I promise you."

  Su lightly nudged Lin's shoulder with her fist. Lin returned the favour. 


It didn't take long for Korra to discover how to reconnect to Avatar Roku. She had heard all of the stories about the statue of him on Crescent Island. The Fire Sages had greeted Korra with as much respect as possible and before she knew it, she was meditating before Roku, or his statue at least.

Korra remembered the time that she wasn't interested in meditating. She had found it useless, boring. But now, meditation would save her life. Well, maybe not save it, but make her life easier.

She cleared her mind. She breathed in. Out. In. Out. In. Out. The rhythm was set. Now all she had to do was wait until her mind was truly clear. And then she felt a change. A tear trickled down her cheek as she heard the sound of the cries of a large beast, possibly a dragon. Korra didn't understand why the cries of the animal affected her in this way. Nonetheless, tears continued their way down her cheeks and onto her legs. Her breaths became shaky, but she was determined to keep her mind clear. It was worth it. It was worth it.


"Roku," Korra wept. "Roku."

Roku sat before Korra in the same position, a kind smile on his face. His eyes were comforting. They held no sign of anger or hate. And in the calming eyes of Roku, Korra discovered the cause of her pain.


"He is with me," Roku explained.

"He is?"

"He will always be with me. Just like Aang and Appa. Just like you and Naga."

Korra wiped the tears from her eyes with the palms of her hands. "I miss her."

"And you will soon reunite with her soon. You only have to reconnect to Aang. I know he is waiting to see you again."

Korra sighed, trying to calm herself.

"Goodbye, Korra." Roku was swept away like leaves in the wind into nothingness, leaving a weeping Korra alone on her knees.


Korra struggled to remember her journey to the Southern Air Temple; the cries of Fang still haunted her mind, no matter what Roku said. A dragon had died that day so long ago in the Fire Nation, and it had been Fire Lord Sozin's fault.

The Air Acolytes on the Southern Air Temple noticed her pain, and kept their conversation with her just to a greeting. They all bowed before her as Abbot Shung walked towards her. He pressed his hands together and bowed for the Avatar. Korra responded with a bow. "It is an honour to meet you, Avatar Korra. How can we be of service?"

"I need to see Aang," Korra explained.

Shung bowed. "Of course, Avatar Korra."


Intrigue sparked in Korra's mind as the Airbenders opened the Statue Room of the Avatars. Korra stepped inside, alone. Korra suggested the door be closed so she could truly connect to Aang. The Airbenders were happy to oblige. Korra walked through the spiralling row of the Avatars. The pattern was a simple one: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Earth. When she finally found Aang, she paused. His carved face brought a smile to Korra's face. She had not seen him for what felt like ages, and now he was standing before her. Korra bowed to the statue before she began her meditation session. The smile was still on her face as she meditated before the statue.

Every other time Korra had meditated, there was a special invisible aura that she felt around her, but it was different this time. There was no aura, only absence and silence. Korra sat for what felt like hours and hours and yet nothing changed. She opened her eyes and Aang's statue was still in front of her. What could she be doing wrong? The next hour, one of the Air Acolytes entered the room to ask if there was a problem. In frustration, Korra snapped at the Air Acolyte and he immediately apologised and exited the room. No interruptions occurred in the third hour. And in the fourth and final hour, nothing changed. Tears of anger, hopelessness and frustration fell from her eyes. Why was it so hard to connect to Aang? What was different? She didn't know. Eventually, Korra gave up. She rose to her feet. Tears blurred her vision as she stared at the statue of Aang. She wrapped her hands around the statue, embracing the cold figure. Maybe something would happen then? Alas, nothing did, and after minutes of hugging the statue, Korra left the room, making sure to apologise to the Air Acolyte during her leave.

Production notes

Series continuity

  • Eska references the time when she was Bolin's girlfriend/boss.

Character revelations

  • Sokka and Suki had a daughter named Nukka who is the current leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.
  • Sokka is the father of Su.


  • Lin and Su punch each other's shoulders. This is how their mother, Toph, conveys affection.

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