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The Legend of Korra

Korra's Journey is a fan fiction written by Lumoshi. It follows a similar storyline to the main series, but happening differently due to some differing events in the early parts of the story. The story will feature two books at the moment, Air and War, with 20 chapters each, but five books are planned. It will center around the Anti-bending Revolution along with a growing conflict in the Earth Kingdom.


After a long time training to learn firebending, Korra finally masters it and is ready for Tenzin to train her in airbending. He arrives at the Southern Air Temple only to inform her that he cannot, due to more pressing matters. Korra decides to stow away on a ship headed to Republic City, but as it leaves the south, it strikes an iceberg. Korra is discovered to be a stowaway as it sinks and is thrown overboard into the cold waters along with Naga. However, Naga, being a polar bear dog, is able to survive the cold and the two find a ride on a slab of ice, eventually coming ashore on the southern Earth Kingdom, in Gaoling.


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Major characters

Team Avatar

  • Korra: Korra is the Avatar, a seventeen-year-old girl. She comes from the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Bolin: A sixteen-year-old from Republic City. He is an earthbender and Mako's brother.
  • Mako: An eighteen-year-old from Republic City, a firebender (who loses his bending in Book 1) and Bolin's brother.
  • Asami: An eighteen-year-old from Republic City. She is a non-bender and the daughter of Hiroshi Sato.

Other major characters

  • Tenzin: Aang's son, 51 years old. He lives in Republic City and trains Korra.
  • Queen Hou-Ting: Despite having a minor presence in Book 1, the Earth Queen will serve as both a hero and a villain in later books.

Minor characters

  • Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan: Tenzin's children, aged 10, 7, 5, and a few weeks. All are airbenders.
  • Pema: Tenzin's 35-year-old wife and the mother of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan.
  • Wei: A sixteen-year-old boy from Gaoling. He is a non-bender and a friend of Korra.


  • Tarrlok: A councilman determined to get his way. His waterbending is later removed, although he saves Korra.
  • Amon: The main villain of Book 1, who thinks bending is evil and wants to rid the world of it.

Simplified chapter list

Book 1: Air

Chapter list with summaries

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Book 1: Air

Air portal
No. in season No. in series Name Plot summary Release
1 1 Leaving Home Korra finishes firebending training and is prepared for Tenzin to come to the South Pole to train her in airbending, but he informs her that he will not be able to come. She decides to go to Republic City herself to find Tenzin but gets stranded at sea, washing up on the southern Earth Kingdom at Gaoling. After exploring the city, she finds a teenage boy named Wei who gives her money to pay for additional ferry tickets to get to Republic City. Korra boards the ferry, but gets a shocking surprise. 2014
2 2 The Shipment Korra discovers there are bombs below deck. She overhears crew members talk about them, saying they are to be used by the Equalists. She confronts them and begins a battle, but they manage to set off the bombs and Korra can barely leap off with Naga before it explodes. She is taken into custody, and it is revealed to her that there were no survivors. She is set free after they cannot prove she was responsible for the bombing and heads back to the city, to travel by train over land.
3 3 Across the Earth Kingdom Korra finds Wei again, surprised to see her. He is shocked at the news, having heard of the Anti-bending Revolution but not thinking it was so severe. Korra says this is the action she was craving for. This leads Wei to get train tickets for her to travel on land and fight against the Equalists. Tenzin is angry at Korra for doing so, but he allows her to reside at Air Temple Island.
4 4 A Growing Conflict The following day, they learn that the bombing near Gaoling has stirred protests in the Earth Kingdom. The northern part of the kingdom initially believes that the bombs were meant for them before Korra's testimony is released, and they send troops to Gaoling and Omashu to monitor for other potential threats. Korra and Tenzin head to Omashu on his bison and attempt to stop conflicts from citizens who believe they are being invaded. Korra learns that the two parts of the kingdom have always been on mixed terms due to the way the government is run. After sorting out the problem, they return to Republic City.
5 5 Exploring the City Meanwhile, the Equalists are beginning to rise to power. Several raids are happening, where belongings are stolen, and people are even kidnapped. Korra gets in a fierce chase with one, only to lose their trail. Tarrlok, a councilman, sees her fight and offers Korra a position on an anti-Equalist task force. They fight off Equalists. While they do this, Korra has become a pro-bending fan and sneaks out to see a match. There, she meets two benders, Mako and Bolin, who recently had an argument with a team member that left the squad. They see Korra's skills and get her to fill in, and after they win, she becomes a permanent member.
6 6 Joining the Company Korra makes steady progress with airbending, although she isn't good at all. She decides to explore the city and stumbles into a girl named Asami Sato at the park, whose father has recently died of a heart attack. She says she has inherited the business, but without her father to help her run it, she is losing sales. Korra agrees to help her, asking Tenzin for five hundred yuans, which he accepts. Unfortunately, the warehouses are broken into by Equalists, who steal machinery behind their backs.
7 7 The Secret Korra and Asami talk to the police and ask them to investigate the events at Future Industries. While they do this, they learn that the Equalists are planning a rally in the near future, managing to find the date and time. The police agree to take care of this, but after no results come in a week's time, they decide to plan their own operation. Asami, being a non-bender, plans to go to the rally. Tarrlok's task force is scheduled to patrol the location of the rally that night, but Korra has a pro-bending match and can't go. It turns out that Equalists are present at the arena. After a knockout by Korra, Mako, and Bolin, they invade the playing area, kidnapping Mako and Bolin. Korra follows them. At the rally, the Equalist leader Amon reveals he can take bending, preparing to take Mako and Bolin's bending before Korra and Asami intervene. They are just in time, saving the brothers and escaping.
8 8 Civil Wars Amon is declared the number one enemy of Republic City after the rally. More pressing matters are taking place elsewhere, as the ships from the northern Earth Kingdom have returned to Omashu. The south has declared war on the north, with a small battle happening. This ends up in the northern ships being captured and the soldiers taken prisoner. As the Avatar, it is Korra's job to resolve this. She heads to Ba Sing Se, accompanied by Mako, Bolin, Asami, Wei, and Tenzin to speak to the Earth Queen. She believes the south is the problem for possessing bombs and refuses to help. After a lengthy argument, Korra gets into a fight with her and firebends at her. The Dai Li take her away into a jail cell.
9 9 Tension Korra complains that she needs to be fighting the Equalists, so the Earth Queen releases her. Back in Republic City, Tenzin tells the council members of the encounter. Tarrlok proposes an attack on Ba Sing Se. Tenzin protests, saying it will solve nothing. The movement doesn't pass, but when Tarrlok proposes another law against non-benders, it passes. This infuriates innocent non-benders. Meanwhile, the pro-bending season has been cancelled, leaving Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami more time to work together to fight against the Equalists. A police report comes back, and it is revealed that Asami's late father was a member of the Equalists. Asami is taken into custody because of this, until being released as part of a council meeting.
10 10 The Revolution The southern Earth Kingdom has officially seceded from the north after news of Korra's arrest breaks out, dividing the world into a sixth nation. People in Republic City force her to take action. Tarrlok succeeds in getting troops to Ba Sing Se as part of a negotiation effort. He and a few generals strike a deal with the north. They do not send more troops to the south in exchange for the United Forces forming a blockade around Ba Sing Se to prevent another invasion. With this resolution, the council focuses on stopping the revolution. Mako joins the police force in an effort to stop this, and Bolin joins Asami at Future Industries. Korra actually gets some more time to learn airbending as well.
11 11 Their Presence Grows Problems arise for Future Industries when yet more equipment is stolen. They are ready to give up until an investor named Varrick agrees to buy the company to save it. Varrick says cars will be of great use in the Fire Nation and ships out several there to some of his financial partners, giving them a gain of three thousand yuans after a week. This gives them the ability to produce more weapons to fight the Equalists, which they hide in a chamber protected by the police. It seems they have the upper hand on the Equalists for now, until non-benders who are innocent start their own revolt at the unfair laws. In addition, there are reports of another conflict in Ba Sing Se. Korra, stressed, sits alone in Air Temple Island until something surprising happens.
12 12 Keeping the Peace Aang's spirit appears to Korra. He informs her that she was finally able to connect to her spiritual side, causing Aang to appear to Korra. He offers her advice about the situation, saying that violence is not an answer for either side. Korra, being naturally aggressive, isn't glad to hear this, but offers a plan to the council in the morning. They will stop chasing Amon and attempt to impose stronger laws against wrongful benders who use their power incorrectly, while at the same time getting the Equalists to disband the organization. Tarrlok calls the idea absurd, saying that they need to put a stop to their evil, however it would take, and in addition, he imposes further laws against non-benders, further separating the two groups. Bolin and Asami give complete control of Future Industries to Varrick so they can focus on defeating the Equalists.
13 13 Conflict Arises The next day, the non-benders violate the laws and lead a march against the government, causing Korra to intervene. She calls out Tarrlok, who remarks that she can't do anything to stop him. Unfortunately for him, a council meeting is called, and they vote to repeal the laws on a 4-1 vote. Unfortunately, later that day, the Equalists break into the police headquarters and kidnap almost all the cops there. Tarrlok banishes Korra from the city, stating that she is interfering with the safety of the city. She challenges him, and the two engage in a fierce duel. Korra is about to pin him down and deal a devastating blow, but she remembers what Aang said to her. Instead of attacking, she ties him up with rope and leaves him locked in his office. Unfortunately, he is able to escape and reveals he is a bloodbender, subduing Korra and locking her in a car.
14 14 Missing He places her in handcuffs and leaves her in a box in a rural area of the United Republic, in the middle of a blizzard. Unfortunately, she cannot metalbend to free herself, leaving her only hope with being able to bend the snow around her. After hours of trying, she gets an idea, earthbending the box high into the ground. It crashes on the floor, breaking apart. Korra is able to use her feet to bend the snow and break the cuffs, leaving her free. She remembers she is banished from Republic City, and decides to find an ally to help. As the Earth Kingdom is at war, she decides to seek out the Northern Water Tribe. In Republic City, the captured cops are released, although they have been stripped of their bending. This includes Mako and Chief Lin Beifong. Tenzin learns that Korra is missing, with Tarrlok explaining she is banished. There is a vote to remove him from the council, which they agree on. Angrily, Tarrlok leaves. Tenzin orders a search party be sent out for Korra.
15 15 Tracking the Avatar Tenzin allows Asami and Mako to search for Korra on Oogi, who predict she could have gone north. They follow the coastline until they arrive at a small village. A man says that a woman of the village had predicted their coming and could help them. This is Aunt Wu's granddaughter, Aunt Zhu. She predicts that they will find what they seek if they wait three days. They stay at a small house in the village until it is reported the Avatar has entered the gates of the town. She tells them that Tarrlok is a bloodbender, prompting them to notify Tenzin via phone. He is shocked at this news, but Tarrlok is long gone. They continue on to the Northern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, in Republic City, the Equalists have become much more prevalent. They conduct raids on bending households, attempting to purify all benders. Tenzin realizes there is no other option than to outlaw being affiliated with Equalists in any way, and the council decides to declare war.
16 16 Escaping Republic City Korra, Asami, and Mako arrive at the Northern Water Tribe. Korra meets her uncle, Chief Unalaq, and her cousins, Eska and Desna. Unalaq agrees to send troops out to defend Republic City on the condition that he can give her special training that can benefit her. In Republic City, Air Temple Island has been attacked by the Equalists, forcing Tenzin to take his family away. As Oogi is with Korra, Asami, and Mako, this becomes complicated, but Tenzin manages to hijack an Equalist speedboat and save the family. Pema gives birth to a baby boy on board, who she names Rohan. Unalaq starts explaining to Korra about how she needs to connect to her spiritual side as well, but suddenly, a phone call from Tenzin comes, who explains that Amon has taken down the council. Without learning much, Korra is forced to return to Republic City.
17 17 One on One Republic City is nearly in ruins. Tenzin has hidden his family under a building and awaits Korra's arrival. When she does, the two run through the city, stopping Equalists and rescue citizens. Bolin and Asami buy a Future Industries airship and take the citizens to a different part of the United Republic, while Mako sinks the Equalists' naval force. It seems like a victory for Korra until Amon himself pops up. As per Aang's advice, Korra says she does not want to hurt him and asks what motivated him to do this evil. Amon says why, explaining that benders are ruining the world and that he has been chosen to purify the world of them. Korra cannot control herself and bends at Amon, who withstands it. Quickly, he moves to take Korra's bending before a small car runs into the street and crashes into him. This is Tarrlok. He saves Korra, attacking Amon. He tells Korra to run as Amon overpowers him and removes his waterbending.
18 18 Visions Tenzin decides it is safest to for Korra and his family to hide in a United Forces base a few miles away. While there, Korra meets General Iroh, who sends out his forces to accompany the Northern Water Tribe's. Feeling lost, Korra seeks help from Avatar Aang. He shows her flashbacks of forty-two years ago, when Yakone was terrorizing Republic City. She witnesses his arrest and trial, featuring Aang, Sokka, and Toph. Yakone is sentenced to life in prison but escapes the trial, bloodbending Aang. Aang is able to take away his bending and locks him away. She realizes Tarrlok is the key to defeating Amon, as he was a bloodbender. Iroh gives Korra a naval escort to Republic City, where she can search Equalist bases for Tarrlok. Unfortunately, as they enter a river that will give them access to Republic City from inside the land, they are ambushed.
19 19 Inequality, Part 1 Iroh is able to fight off the Equalists and get the boat close enough to shore for Korra to flee. She does, and manages to locate her friends, hiding in a cave. At this point, Bolin is the only bender and volunteers to go fight with Korra. By this time, Amon and his forces have overpowered much of the Northern Water Tribe fleet and the United Nations fleet, holding them in a line to be equalized on Air Temple Island. Korra suddenly realizes that that must be where they are imprisoning Tarrlok. They steal Equalist uniforms and join a group, sneaking away to the interiors of the island. Sure enough, Tarrlok is being held in a cell atop the island. He reveals that he and Amon are the sons of Yakone, and that Amon is a waterbender. With this information, Korra and Bolin go to confront him.
20 20 Inequality, Part 2 The Equalists have defeated the opposition. They learn there will be a victory rally that day at the pro-bending arena, and the two head there. They expose Amon's secret. He takes off his mask showing a scar, proving his cover story was true. Realizing that they are in danger, Korra and Bolin flee. Korra winds up in a hallway alone, being followed by Amon. Surprisingly, he bloodbends her and removes her bending. Bolin is able to rescue Korra by earthbending at Amon, but it is too late to save her bending. Amon falls out into the sea, where he instinctively waterbends to save his life, exposing his secret. He gets in a motorboat and flees. Korra then realizes that she can airbend, but is still sad that she lost the other elements. A final scene shows Amon arriving at the Northern Water Tribe.

Book 2: War

No. in season No. in series Name Plot summary Release
1 21 Aftermath Several months have passed. Korra has not been able to recover her other bending abilities, leaving her with only airbending. On the bright side, the Equalists have been disbanded, with most members prosecuted. Amon is on the loose, with Tarrlok gone as well. Tenzin gives Korra further airbending training, and she ends up being even more powerful than him. Asami and Bolin have rejoined Varrick at Future Industries, and Mako decides to visit the Fire Nation. Korra decides to travel the world alone to help the nations of the world. She arrives at Omashu, which is in total disrepair.
2 22 Visit to Omashu Despite being the biggest city in the southern Earth Kingdom, it is also the poorest. The king, Chung, refuses Korra's offer of help, saying that if the north knows she is helping them, the city could be targeted. Angrily, she leaves, but notices a polluted stream which seems to be running towards the city. Assuming this is its water supply, she airbends at a blockage in the river which is preventing clean water from flowing. She is able to push it out of the way and leaves. Unfortunately, as night falls, her boat is attacked by weird dark creatures. She is barely able to save herself and Naga, which is lucky as they are close to shore and can swim away.
3 23 Family Vacation After arriving in Republic City, she informs Tenzin. Unalaq, who has come from the north, explains to Korra that the things attacking her were spirits. He offers her guidance again on dealing with spirits, which she accepts. He takes her to the Southern Water Tribe. Tenzin, without an Avatar to teach, decides to round up his siblings, Kya and Bumi, for a family reunion. They visit the Northern Air Temple, only to learn that it has been taken by the northern Earth Kingdom. Tenzin begins arguing with members of the Terra Team who are defending it until he decides to head to Ba Sing Se to discuss this with the Earth Queen.
4 24 The Spirit Portal In the Southern Water Tribe, Korra is glad to see her family. Unalaq then explains to her that she was attacked by spirits who are restless and angry. He says that to ease tensions and to close the gap between the two worlds, she must open the spirit portal in the south. She initially questions the movement but decides to do it anyway. Tonraq, Korra's father, has followed her due to thinking suspicious things. He is unable to stop Korra from opening the portal and says she made a huge mistake trusting him. Tonraq and Unalaq begin a duel before Korra separates them. Right at that moment, a spirit attacks. Unalaq is able to stop it, but Korra is still left with the decision of who to trust. She decides to believe what her father says and leaves Unalaq.
5 25 Taking Hostages Tenzin enters Ba Sing Se hoping to speak to the Earth Queen, but upon his entry, he, Kya, and Bumi are attacked by the Dai Li, who hide them in the crystal catacombs. While in there, they recall memories of their childhood, which shows flashbacks of them when they were young. Pema decides to take her children back to Republic City to get help, but the Dai Li takes them hostage. Jinora is able to escape, but cannot save her family. She uses her airbending knowledge and skills to evade the Dai Li, and a large Earth Kingdom family offers her a disguise. This does not save her, as the Dai Li see her accidentally airbending. Fortunately, some dragonfly bunny spirits appear and show her an escape route, which she uses to board a train out of Ba Sing Se. She recognizes her ability to connect with spirits.
6 26 Sabotage Jinora arrives back in Republic City, where she finds Bolin. She tells him the news of her family's kidnap, leading in him going to the council with her to report this to the Earth Kingdom councilman, hoping he can do something. The councilman, Lan Chang, is stubborn and will not help, saying that if there is something happening, the Earth Queen has a likely reason behind it. Angrily, Bolin and Jinora decide to contact Asami. The business is booming, and Asami says she has a shipment to run to the Southern Water Tribe and hopes to find Korra there to help. Meanwhile, after Korra leaves Unalaq, he decides to take Korra by force and gets his children, Desna and Eska, to go after her. Asami arrives at the Southern Water Tribe just then and explains to Korra what has happened. She goes with her right away, but the twins sink the boat and capture Korra, leaving Asami alone in the sea. Korra manages to break free, but is attacked by a spirit.
7 27 A Lucky Escape The twins do not see Asami as a threat and leave her alone in the water, but luckily, the coast of the Fire Nation is close by and she can swim to freedom. Meanwhile, Mako is taking a tour of the Fire Nation and its cities. He ends up at a city called Fire Fountain City on his last trip before he returns to Republic City. There, he encounters Asami, who was pulled ashore by a fisherman. The two return to Republic City to get searching efforts in place. While they were gone, the council was removed and a single present was elected, a nonbender named Raiko. Raiko refuses to send troops to find Unalaq or Korra, as this can cause an issue beyond what is happening already. In addition, he does not do anything about the issue in the Earth Kingdom.
8 28 Origins, Part 1 Korra is pulled ashore without any recollection of her memories, causing the people who picked her up to dump her in spirit water to try to help her memories. The past Avatars appear to her until the first one, Wan, shows up and tells Korra he can help her. She is transported into Wan's world, where he and his village are being starved by the greedy Chu brothers. He talks to the fire lion turtle and acquires the power of fire, defeating the Chu brothers. However, he refuses to give back the fire and is banished. After exploring the Spirit World, he finds a light spirit fighting with a dark spirit. The dark one, Vaatu, tricks Wan into freeing him so he can spread darkness through the world.
9 29 Origins, Part 2 After Vaatu escapes, Raava says they must find him and defeat him. Raava fuses with Wan, who decides to find more lion turtles to give him more bending arts for the ultimate fight with Wan. Raava says they do not have much time, as Harmonic Convergence approaches and Vaatu will be extremely powerful during it. They finally face off, and while bending all four elements, Wan manages to trap Vaatu in the Tree of Time until the next convergence. It flashes forward to Wan as an elderly man. The world has fallen into chaos, and as he dies, Raava assures him she will be with him in all his lifetimes. Korra wakes up and realizes what she must do, the threat Unalaq poses, and how to recover her bending.
10 30 A Plan She returns to Republic City via a ferry, where she reunites with Asami, Mako, and Bolin. She explains that Unalaq is attempting to free Vaatu to gain complete control of the world upon Harmonic Convergence. They do research and discover that it is coming in only three years. They shift to the next focus: recovering Korra's bending. As Wan did, she thinks by seeking out lion turtles, she can begin to bend other elements again, and not just air. The issue they decide to worry about is where the lion turtles are. They decide to solve the pending situation in the Earth Kingdom and take a train there. Meanwhile, Tenzin and his family is shown brainwashed by the Dai Li.
11 31 Exploring Ba Sing Se They are able to get Earth Kingdom attire from a store upon their entry as to hide them from the Dai Li. They explore the city. Korra and Asami decide to go to a spa, as Katara and Toph did seventy years ago, and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, two women there seem to be affiliated with the Dai Li and attempt to earthbend them into captivity. Korra retaliates with airbending, but they overcome the two and overturn the floor, revealing a secret Dai Li headquarters. Korra is able to overtake the agents and steal their uniforms, allowing them to work in disguise. They scour the underground area until they find Tenzin, Pema, Kya, and Bumi locked in a room. Korra opens it, but when they come out, they attack Korra and Asami, signaling a red alarm. The two barely escape, managing to find a secret passage which Korra can airbend them through. Unfortunately, they are kidnapped upon emerging.
12 32 Attack on the Republic Korra and Asami are thrown into the catacombs of Ba Sing Se, which they learn has no exits whatsoever. Korra desperately needs her other bending arts to escape, as air isn't enough. She decides to meditate into the Spirit World to find it, and Asami tags along. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin get worried after the two do not return. They decide to seek out help and run into an old man who they recognize as their uncle. He introduces them to their extended family, who are glad to see them. Their uncle informs them that the Earth Queen is attempting to take back the land that is hers from the United Republic, and is kidnapping whoever will get in their way. Meanwhile, in Republic City, Raiko is making a public announcement when metalbenders sneak up and kidnap him, taking away the last obstacle in the way of dominating the Republic.
13 33 Evacuating News of Raiko's kidnapping spreads fast. Mako and Bolin are urged to defend Republic City, as Korra and Asami are strong enough to survive on their own. They leave just before a lockdown is put on Ba Sing Se and travel to Republic City. An attack from the Earth Kingdom is imminent and they are able to acquire a large cruise ship from Varrick, which can evacuate people to the Fire Nation. Only about a hundred people remain in the city after the evacuation, who are all willing to fight for the United Republic. Varrick is able to contact General Iroh, but the call ends to the sound of explosions. Within minutes, the Earth Kingdom planes arrive.
14 34 The Spirit World, Part 1 Korra has made it into the Spirit World with Asami. They wind up at a place called the Mountain of Despair and take a short tour around it. Before they arrive at the top, a large storm hits and knocks them off the mountain. Korra falls into a deep crevice and Asami is nowhere to be seen. Korra suddenly sees the spirit of Toph Beifong in front of her, who volunteers to guide Korra to her goal. Asami tumbles into a swampy area, where the spirit Koh stalks her. He threatens her with stealing her face if she does not say what Koh wants. She decides to take off and Koh catches up, but the spirit of Avatar Aang appears and sends Koh off. Aang points Asami to the direction she needs to go. Meanwhile, Toph guides Korra to the lion turtle and disappears. Asami winds up right next to her after Aang guides here and the two walk up to face the lion turtle.
15 35 The Spirit World, Part 2 The lion turtle gives both Korra and Asami the ability to waterbend. They return to the physical world and waterbend their way out of the crystal catacombs after a showdown with Dai Li agents who have been watching the cave. Asami catches on to waterbending quickly and the two escape quickly. They emerge above the ground in perhaps the worst place possible: the Earth Queen's palace. She tells Dai Li agents to let her fight alone and then proves herself to be a strong earthbender, nearly vanquishing the two by herself. She says they are too late to stop her master plan, and that the United Republic is being attacked and Tenzin's family is under her control. Surprisingly, Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya appear out of nowhere and overtake them. Korra goes into the Avatar State and knocks everyone down, including the dozens of Dai Li agents that enter. After an epic battle, Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya's hypnosis is removed and the five heroes flee.
16 36 They quickly run underground, with Korra and Asami guarding the exits. Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi find the cell housing their family and flying bison. They make a run for it. After a fierce Dai Li pursuit, they lose the agents and escape. Meanwhile, the Earth Kingdom's planes begin to land. Their intentions seem to be to erase any traces of the city and start fresh, evident by their destruction of buildings. Bolin and Varrick get mecha tanks from Future Industries, which allow them to derail the earthbenders' progress. This isn't enough to stop them, and they are forced to bail from the tanks after they are launched into the sea. The rest of Team Avatar arrive just as this happens. In the Avatar State, Korra destroys half of the military, but is shot down as she does so.
17 37 Korra wakes up on an Earth Kingdom ship. She busts herself out and forms a water spout to take her to the coast. Republic City is several miles away, and she realizes her friends are probably captive as well. She heads back to the ship, and in a major battle, she throws all of the Earth Kingdom soldiers overboard and frees Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin, Kya, Bumi, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan. They return to Republic City, which has been taken over by the Earth Kingdom. They realize they need to go face the Earth Queen in Ba Sing Se should they be able to win this war. They decide to form a master plan. They raid another army ship located in the Republic City Harbor and steal their army uniforms. With their disguises, the heroes head to Ba Sing Se.
18 38 Tenzin decides it is too unsafe for his children to fight in Ba Sing Se and leaves them and Pema in a village. Later, after a run-in with another ship right outside Ba Sing Se, their secret is revealed. They jump ship and fight off a platoon of earthbenders. After clearing out the last ones, Bolin earthbends a passage through the walls of Ba Sing Se and Team Avatar breaks in. The Dai Li are pursuing them, and Korra fights them to save the others. Korra is taken by the Dai Li after being unable to stop them, screaming at the others to go on. Korra is taken into the Dai Li headquarters, who say they have special plans for her. The chapter ends with them hypnotizing her.
19 39
20 40

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