By Kory The Archress Part of the The New Avatar continuity.
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color

Light Tan

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water, Bow and Arrow, Knives

Fighting style(s)

Archress, Southern Water Tribe Warrior, Waterbending


Kajie, Drato, Lee, Leori, Lilian, Earth Kingdom, Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Fire Nation


General Fong, Drato(Formerly), Zendaya, Air Nomads, Zhao

Chronological and political information

Waterbending Instructor, Archress


Lead Archress, Master Waterbender


Southern Water Tribe, Archresses, Team Avatar


Korata was born in the Southern Water Tribe to the tribe's Wise Woman. Her father was away in The Airbenders' War when she was born, and she never did meet him. Her father-Horato-had died in said war. Being born to the Wise Woman-Iniki- she was trained to become Lead Archress, the head of a group of female archers. She was also one of few waterbenders in the Southern Water Tribe, and had learn quickly. Soon after she mastered waterbending-at age four-, her little half sister, Kajie, was born. She taught Kajie everything she knew about Waterbending, and then some.

Soon after they both master-Kajie was six, Korata was ten-Drato, a disguised Airbender, infiltrates the tribe as an Earth Kingdom refugee. Korata was very distrusting of him, swearing there was something off about him. Korata was correct about him, and when he called on a raid, she was glad she knew.

The raid on her home lasted only a few minutes, and Iniki was killed for unknown reasons. This is the last straw for Korata, and The Archresses depart for war, along with Kajie, a year later. When she turns thirteen, the other Archresses get captured, leaveing her and Kajie alone.


Korata isn't a trusting person. She was trained to expect the worst of people, and all ways be on guard. She doesn't care for many other people, very few people can touch her heart. Despite acting heartless, she has a lot of compasion for the innocent. She acts a lot like a "Miss Independent" figure. She very rarely let's people hurt her friends, and is quite protective of them. Along with this, she is angry at the world, as for she lost both of her parents. She seems a bit happier alone.



Korata is a master Waterbender, much better than her teachers. She often uses waterbending as a trapping technique. However, she knows many ways to kill with Waterbending, and has demonstrated this before. Often, she battles with Waterbending if she doesn't have her weapons handy. Her Waterbending is quite exceled, despite how little she uses it. She knows little healing.


Korata learned Bloodbending when she was younger, a very tramautic experence. She refuses to use it, but desprately used it against General Fong in order to save Kajie. She calls it "Puppetbending" and, once when she loses control and uses it-unwillingly-on Drato, she breaks down in front of the Generals of The Airbender army, obviously trying to keep her sanity.


Korata is an adept archer, taught by her mother. Kajie once said, "She can hit a squirrel in the eye from six hundred feet away." This statement is only a tiny bit of a stretch.


Korata is barely able to throw a knife, despite her great aim. She often uses this as a scare tatic.



Korata and Drato at first were deadly enemies, and she barely acknowldged him when he agreed to help teach Leori. Drato seems to get on her nerves. He has many failed attempts to make amends, most which get on him on thin ice. After one attempt to atone with her, she fell off a cliff. Despite the fact she told him to let her fall, he grabbed her, risking his life. She is then open to him being her friend. By the end of book 2, she is in love with him.


Being her little sister, Korata is protective of Kajie. Kajie is Korata's only living family left, and they share a "Big Sister, Little Sister" relationship. Korata is deathly afraid of losing Kajie, and the refuses to let her sister go somewhere alone. When Korata believes she is about to die, she gives Kajie her treasured knife, which was from her mother. This strengthens their bond.


Lee and Korata are best friends, and she confides in him a lot. Often, she refers to him as her "Male Archress", meaning he is like a brother to her. Other than this, the two come up with the plans for the team.


Korata is Leori's Waterbending teacher, and often wishes to pull her hair out during their lesons. She is aggravated by him, and often is stuck cleaning up his messes. The two do seem to share a "little brother, big sister" relationship.


She and Lilani don't really talk to each other. They often just complain to each other how annoying Leori is.


Unknown Grandmother(deceased)

Unknown Grandfather(deceased)

Horato(Father, deceased)

Iniki(Mother, deceased)

Kajie(Younger Sister)


  • Originally, the characters had Amercanized names, but were later changed to reflect the style of Avatar. Korata's was Kory.
  • Korata at first had a Snow Fox as a pet, but that was later removed.
  • Korata is the oldest Archress, at 14.
  • Korata's name has gone through three changes, starting at "Koya" then, "Kory" and finally, "Korata".
  • The nickname Drato gave Korata(Little Miss Archress) is similar to her title "The Archress".

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