Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the The Rise of Lirin continuity.
The First
Biographical information

Dol Mordath



Physical description



Lean, Muscular



Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Storm, Energy

Bending style(s)

Stormbending, Energybending



Chronological and political information

The Faceless

The First is an ancient individual who was the first human who discovered Stormbending, preceding elemental bending. His legacy on bending history is distinctive but forgotten in ancient history.


Born an ordinary human in the prosperous region of Dol Mordath. The man became an Energybender and used his knowledge and wisdom to become a peacekeeper and leader for his people. In time, the man earned his title, The First, when he discovered Stormbending.

Stormbending was a powerful and wild subset of energybending that bent the physical energy of the environment for terrible effect. He taught this to any energybender who would come to learn. An unexpected but positive consequence of stormbending was a skill to prolong one's life indefinitely.

With an indefinite lifespan, The First's wisdom and knowledge was accepted by the people of Dol Mordath and he led the people for many years. Unfortunately, the First began seeing his rule as his right.

The First called a conference for all Stormbenders to come. He then persuaded them that it was their right to rule. They pledged to rule the world, creating an eternal storm over Dol Mordath.

The First eventually began a campaign of conquest over the lands beyond Dol Mordath as his people fled the storm stricken lands. The First started an alliance of twelve stormbenders that would be an empire of blood. He used his alliance to wipe out stormbenders and energybenders that opposed him, but was more worried about a rising threat; elemental benders.

The First saw 'elementals' as the gravest threat to his empire and hunted them with extreme prejudice. It was in this time that the Avatar rose to challenge his violent policy. As the last group of stormbenders left in the world, the Avatar came to challenge the First and his followers in his fortress. He and his followers were defeated by the foul fortress, in a place called the Storm Grave.

Powers and Abilities

Energybending: As a very skilled user of energybending, this ancient warrior can use every facet of the bending art. He can give or take knowledge as well as take bending, and presumably give it. It was his power in energybending that gave him the ability to learn stormbending.

  • Stormbending: An advanced subset of energybending that can affect the physical energy of the environment. The First can use stormbending in all its facets, from creating floods to thunderstorms. He is known especially for his powerful lightning powers which far surpass what any firebender is capable of.

Sorcery: An ancient magic that was pioneered by the 'Witches'. The First learned it in order to have an additional skill over rival stormbenders.


  • The First is the oldest human alive and quite possibly older than even some Lion Turtles.
  • The First is also a master of sorcery, which is not connected to Bending.

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