By The malefic Part of the Avatar: Bridge to Infinity continuity.
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30 (Biologically)




Southern Warlord

365BG - 340BG

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Avatar Kuruk

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Arctic Ambush

Kor is a character in the fanon Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Before Bridge to Infinity

Kor was a legendary warlord who conquered the entire Southern continents with ease. He brought an age of oppression to the tribes and was seemingly invincible.

The Avatar and The Warlord

Avatar Kuruk, in defense of his home, engaged Kor in a battle that rocked the planet. Kor was clearly winning until Kuruk managed to enter the Avatar State and tip the balance. Kuruk still gave Kor a chance to live but the warlord simply attacked again, forcing Kuruk to kill him.

Bridge to Infinity

Kor's Ambush

Kor is seemingly revived by Xercxes and appears from beneath the ice in the southern arctic. Upon revival he comes into contact with the new Avatar, Aang. He ruthlessly attacks a weak Aang who is his eyes is Kuruk. His revenge is interrupted by the appearance of Pakku and Sokka. Eager to test his strength, Kor sends Sokka crashing into a wall and engages Pakku in battle.

Kor, after letting his guard down, is sent crashing into the ice because of the skills of Pakku. However, the warlord soon retaliates and the fight resumes. Kor restrains Pakku and, after a failed attack by Sokka, attempts to finish the young swordsman. Pakku intervenes by sending Sokka back to the surface and then sealing him and Kor beneath the ice leaving his and Pakku's fate unknown.


Kor is a power hungry man who is addicted to battle, he will do anything to achieve his goals no matter what he has to get past. He is a ruthless fighter who is said not to feel pain.




'Kor prepares to launch an attack'

Kor is a master Waterbender able to generate incredibly strong blasts of water. He is able to match even an Avatar's Waterbending with ease. Despite his size Kor is very agile allowing his to perform more versatile Waterbending attacks.


Kor uses a concealed short-sword hidden in his armor which he posses deadly accuracy with. He uses the weapon with his Waterbending allowing him to achieve deadly and, most of the time, fatal combo attacks.

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