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Kongpore was a large port city in the eastern Earth Kingdom, on the coast of the Eastern Sea. It was the largest port in the world, home to the famous Kuei Terminal. The docks housed around six hundred vessels daily, and thousands of metric tons of cargo passed through every day. As a result, the city was incredibly wealthy, even rivaling the town of Gaoling and the United Republic of Nations capitol of Republic City. It was also known to have the largest Earth Kingdom navy base in the world.

It is known to have crime, but not to the extent of Republic City. Kongpore is the world's leading economically powerful city, with Republic City in second, Fire Nation Capital in third, and Ba Sing Se in fourth. The city is also said to be as old as Ba Sing Se, if not older.


The city was founded during the Era of Raava by Energybending nomads, becoming a trading and economic center.

It was known that Earth King Yi Ming kept an estate in Kongpore during his reign, and as did the 46th Earth King. During the War of Chin the Conqueror, the Military of the Earth Kingdom made a large effort to defend the port town from Chin The Conqueror's forces. The vast naval presence, as well as the thousands of foreigners, kept Chin at bay, since he thought killing them would start a war with the Fire Nation.

Early during the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation attempted to seize the city with an assault of fifty Fire Navy cruisers, under Admiral Tsushima. The assault failed, as the city was defended by nearly 300 vessels and several army divisions.

Seaport village

A small terminal on the far side of the port was used by military.

Later in the War, Admiral Chan attempted to invade Kongpore, but was once again defeated by the sheer might of the naval presence there. After the Coup of Ba Sing Se, the city became the last bastion for the Earth Kingdom military. During the final days of the conflict, a government was installed into the city, making it more of a city state. It was lead by the Commissar.

Seventy years later, the Port of Republic City rivaled the Port of Kongpore, but Kongpore managed to stay as the busiest and largest port in the world, not to mention in the Eastern Sea. Avatar Korra later travelled here with Team Avatar after several Equalist holdouts fled there after the death of Amon. They attempted to destroy the super-freighters in the port, but were thwarted by the Kongpore Port Authority and Earth Kingdom Navy with the Avatar's help.


Port of Kongpore

The most famous part of the city was the Port of Kongpore, a massive dockyard stretching for several kilometers. The port possessed thousands of tons of cargo and housed over six hundred ships from all over the world any given day, making it the busiest and largest port in the world. It was strategically located in the remote eastern Earth Kingdom, a region filled with mainly wilderness and small towns. Along with Kyoshi Island, it was the only major city in the region. Goods passing through Kongpore ended up all over the world, as far away as the Fire Nation Capital and Republic City.

Earth Kingdom harbor

The main section of the naval yards.

Kuei Terminal

Named after the famous Earth King Kuei, the terminal was the largest part of the port and was mainly a cargo terminal. It had the most criminal activity as well. It's large number of store houses provided good hideouts for gangs, many of which fled to Kongpore from other cities overseas.

Earth Navy Base

The Earth Kingdom navy maintained a heavy presence in the city since they needed an Eastern Sea base but every other village was to small, and Kyoshi Island rejected the Earth Kingdom's request to make a naval yard. The base was built in Kongpore in a secluded wharf, used by later not just the Earth Navy but the Fire Nation's and Water Tribes' as well. It also contained an onshore camp where crews could get supplies, food, rest, and information.


Republic City New

The downtown area buildings.

The city's downtown area contains a market, a council house, an Earth Kingdom Army and Air Force office, and several economic buildings. The downtown was filled with large skyscrapers, and was one of the most clean yet industrialized and advanced cities in the world.


  • The city is highly based on the real world locations of Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • The name is a mix between Hong Kong and Singapore names.

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