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His life began as a Non-Bender in the Air Nomads. His brother Avatar Aang was his older brother who played with him and had so much fun. After some weeks he practice trying to Air-Bend while his brother playing with the air kids. He was a now a Bender with his mighty strength a Non-Bender becoming a Bender was amazing but he had more fun with his brother. He now played with the other Air-Bender kids and his brother Aang made a some kind of Air ball game and the Air ball to balance on. He was jealous that he was more great, older and more fun than him. On one dark day he thought about the Fire Nation and saw a vision that they will kill all monks and all Air Nomads and Animals and then thought that evil was the key to winning and all other. He found out a few days later that his brother was the Avatar and got more jealous with more evil coming into him. He felt that ruler will be fun making you ways taking over the world and became more evil and a little bully type person. After some years he went on a bending trip and somehow learned all four elements and seeing more evil. He saw more evil and wanted to world to be his, his brother Aang was more peaceful than his brother. After his trip he went back to his home but than the Fire Nation attacked killing all but not his brother making more evil in his heart and learned a power he made called Mind-Bending which is controlling the water in a persons mind somehow using healing as hypnotizing. He also learned other elements and then met Fire Lord Ozai and then Mind-Bended him but then released him. He met Amon who took his bending but somehow still had it. After some years he stared an army after the Fire Nation whipped out his home and made a small army first which one of them betrayed named Yakone who tried to Blood-Bend him but did no affect to him. He wanted to rule the world from its peaceful ways and laws so his army the Darth Nation was an army of Benders and Non-Bender working together. He was brave and a pure dark warrior of evil. He tried to kill the Avatar to rule all that is left with all of his Bending powers and Non-Bending abilities. He wanted to take over the Avatar and the rest turning it into a pure evil land. He saw his brother coming down from the Spirit World then Mind-Bended him and all other the Avatar loved and some others. He was defeated by the Avatar who putted him in a strong jail and putted him in the Spirit World covered for no harm. She or he saved the day like all other Avatars do. Note He is not an Avatar he made a shot to fuse more Avatar DNA. He also had a book of spiritual spells which is another trick for mindbending.

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