By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.

The komodo raptor is a large dinosaur-like creature that is mainly found in the western regions of the Earth Kingdom.


The komodo raptor's limbs have claws that can easily tear apart its prey to eat. Its hind legs have a retractable claw on both feet to grapple its prey. Its covered in a coat of black feathers with its back striped down with brown. Its non-covered hands, feet and head are covered with yellow scales. It has a long snout and small, but sharp teeth. It also has a long, feathery tail. They're very strong and fast as they're able to catch prey easily based on the combined two traits most of the time.


Their vicious behavior is similar to that of dromeosaurs. Intelligent creatures, they're able to map out where to catch their prey and are able to set simple traps as another way to catch them. When they're not threaten, they can be very loyal and are easy to tame when treated properly. Due to their loyal nature, they act as companions and/or steeds to humans.


Komodo raptors are a hybrid of the komodo dragon and the Velociraptor. It has the appearance, body archetype, and forearms of a komodo dragon and the head, hind legs, tail, feathers, and size of a utahraptor. Like a komodo dragon, it runs on all four limbs. It can also stand on its hind legs, but it has to use its tail to keep balance.


  • Komodo raptors are the first known creatures in the fanon Avatar world to be based on a dinosaur.

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