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Koki Yumehara
Biographical information

Air Nomads, Fire Nation


116 (biologically 16)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark black

Eye color

Dark blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Sword


Team Avatar, Kajiki, Dominions



Chronological and political information



Firebending Master, Sword Master


Air Nomads

First appearance

not appeared yet

Koki is Aang's stepbrother and Hikari's legit brother. He's the Firedominion, the guardian of the fire element.


Being adopted and life in the Air Temple:

Koki and his sister Hikari were adopted by Monk Gyatso during one of the monk's missions in the Earth Kingdom. Their parents were unknown, so Gyatso decided to adopt them and he brought the two kids with him.
While Hikari at the age of seven was sent to the Eastern Air Temple under the protection of Grandma Lavender, Koki remained with Gyatso and became Aang's stepbrother.

Emigration to the Fire Nation and battle against Sozin:

After Gyatso had hibernated Hikari to protect her from the Fire Nation's genocide, Koki emigrated to the Fire Nation and stayed there under the pseudonym of "Kozu". He suddenly joined the Resistance against the Fire Lord Sozin and he infiltrated in the palace with the aim of kill Sozin.
Sozin discovered soon Koki's false identity and he fought with him. Koki has been defeated and suddenly imprisoned in a "dungeon of hibernament" awaiting trial. The Fire Nation judges never released him, so he survived the War.

Escape from the Jail and waiting for revenge:

During the battle at the Boiling Rock, Sokka inadvertenly released Koki from hibernation. Koki escaped thanks to his Firedominion's powers and


Koki isn't very friendly as his sister. He's a hermit firebender, so he could appear as a solitary boy.
His "coldness" was caused by the War events and by the killing of his parents.


Koki uses Firebending and he's also a Sword Master: he uses a special sword, which is made of Earth Kingdom's black steel.
He can also create fire vortexes with the help of Hikari or Aang's Airbending.

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