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Kokh, not Koh the Face Stealer, was born of the Northern Water Tribe. He was best friends with Koru. Unlike Koru, Kokh was a water bender. The two friends grew up together, always getting into trouble. One day when they were both seven (They both share the same birthday), Koru thought of an idea. At first it sounded crazy, but eventually Kokh came to reason. Koru came to the conclusion that the Water Tribe should split into two Water Tribes. He said it would strengthen the Water Tribe by doing this. Kokh explained to his father that Koru wanted to split the tribe up.

After many years, maybe ten, when they were about seventeen, Kokh and Koru and about half of the tribe set sail to the South Pole. Shortly after arriving at the South Pole, Kokh and his brother declared a new tribe, The Southern Water Tribe. They had dreamed of it since they were kids. Kokh wanted his father to be proud of him so he declared himself the chief of the tribe. This made Koru very upset.

Knowing that fact that Koru was planning something against him, Kokh had his men kill anybody who sided with Koru, Kokh wanted to kill his own brother. The battle didn't last long but Kokh was victorious.

One year after Koru left the Southern Water Tribe, Kokh was once again threaten by his people. This time he wasn't lucky. Everybody killed each other, and the ones who lived moved into the Fire Nation. Kokh was killed by the people who he thought trusted him.

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