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Fire Nation


Fire Nation

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Shu Jing


Fire Nation Capital


73 (at time of death)


19 BG


54 AG

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Azulon, Fire Nation


Earth Kingdom

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Military officer



  • Fire Nation Army
  • Fire Nation Domestic Forces

Kojima was a Fire Nation Army general and master firebender. He drilled frequently in his youth and became a skilled firebender by the age of seventeen, and also became a competent swordsman. Enlisting in the army at the age of eighteen, Kojima took part in the Air Nomad Genocide, serving under Fire Lord Sozin. For killing several Air Nomads during the attack, he was promoted to lieutenant and was sent to fight in the invasion of the Earth Kingdom. He took part in the Taku Strategic Offensive, which was successful, resulting in the capture of the western Earth Kingdom city of Taku. Due to his actions there, Kojima was promoted to captain. The young officer fought in the Earth Kingdom for the next several years. He also fought at the battles of Garsai and Han Tui, as well as several others. In 22 AG, Kojima reached the rank of general and was placed in command of the 6th Army, operating in the southern Earth Kingdom.

For several years, the 6th Army operated against Earth Kingdom partisans in the southern provinces before attempting an attack on Omashu, one of the two largest strongholds in the country. The 6th Army entered the city itself but took heavy casualties from the close quarters combat with Omashu troops. Kojima himself sustained an injury to his right arm. The Earth Kingdom Army arrived and encircled the 6th Army at Omashu. Using a messenger hawk, Sozin ordered General Kojima and his men to fight to the death. However, the general did not want to lose such a large force of Fire Nation troops in a useless suicidal mission, and disobeyed Sozin's orders. One night, Kojima led the 6th Army in a break out from the encirclement at Omashu. Roughly two thousand soldiers of the original twenty thousand that attacked survived and made it out of Omashu. Sozin was enraged, but the rest of his generals defended Kojima's actions, agreeing that such a large number of men should not be wasted. Sozin put him in command of the 14th Army, held in reserve in Yu Dao, where they fought against partisans.


Early life and joining the army

Born in 19 BG in the eastern Fire Nation city of Shu Jing, Kojima grew up in a peasant family. His parents both worked as farmers and were poor, which was not something he wanted to inherit. He was given the gift of firebending, and though he had little formal training, Kojima drilled himself constantly. This resulted in him becoming the best firebender at his local school. The instructor there noticed that and decided to send him to an elite firebending school, seeing a lot of potential. While there, the young man also took up swordsmanship, to be competent in more than one form of combat. Propaganda of Fire Nation superiority was taught at the school, and every student was fed with a highly revisionist Fire Nation history of the world. Kojima embraced it and become a Fire Nation nationalist. At the age of seventeen, he was recognized as a skilled firebender by his instructors. Kojima heard that a conflict between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom could begin soon, and so he joined the army when he turned eighteen. Passing army training without much difficulty, Kojima was given the rank of corporal. His skills in swordsmanship and firebending earned him a place among Sozin's elite legion for the upcoming attack on the Southern Air Temple.


Skills and abilities

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