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13-31 (time skip)

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Slightly tanned

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Koharu (twin brother)

Race: Human

Familiars: None 

Status: Alive 

Appearance: As a child he has short dark green hair with green eyes, slightly tanned skin and he wears a white kimono with blue puffy pants and some Japanese traditional wooden sandals. As an adult, his hair is longer and reaches down to his lower back and is tied into a low ponytail.

Hobbies: Gardening, doing chores, singing

Hates: Training sessions with Yan.

Personality: Kohaku is a very gentle and kind person. This earns him respect from his neighbors and other people in his town this also eventually earned his best friend Yan's respect even though they are complete opposites because she's very rough while he's very gentle and dislikes their training sessions because of how rough she is with him. But despite his gentle and caring nature Kohaku is a one of the strongest waterbenders in the world and he won't hesitate to use it if it meant protecting himself or someone else. Unlike Yan, Kohaku isn't as big of fan of violence as she is and won't fight unless the situation calls for it and mostly prefers to reason with his attackers first before resorting to violence.

Past: Kohaku lived in an average house hold with his twin brother and parents. He was very talented at waterbending and singing which won the hearts of both his parents and neighbors alike. Because this he received special attention from his parents while his brother received little even though he too was a talented waterbender. Not long after he met Yan and the two eventually became friends.

Powers/skills: Waterbending/healing

Relatives: Koharu (Twin brother) Unnamed mother and father

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