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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: A New Age.

Biographical information

People's Democracy


Water Tribe




333 AG

Physical description







187 lbs

Hair color

Light brown

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Northern water style


Waterbending, bloodbending


Matoaka- Mother


Yue, Hana, Magunoria, Rokki, Orora


Chancellor Lin, Priest Shang, Most Kyoshi Warriors, bandits

Chronological and political information

Waterbending Avatar





First appearance

A Drop in a Vast Ocean

Koda was the waterbending Avatar and was born in the People's Democracy.

Early Life

Troubled Childhood

Koda was born in a small village in the northern province of the People's Democracy. His mother, Matoaka, was a poor woman and his father was a bandit who forced himself on Matoaka.

Koda grew up thinking he was useless, despite his mother's attempts to convince him otherwise. Growing up he didn't have many friends and he mostly spent time by himself.

Book 1

Run in with Yue

While his village was being attacked by bandits, like it usually was. He was pulled into the river by a mysterious force and saw a vision of Yue. She told him he was a waterbender and over the years he was trained. After he became a master he made his way to Amon City where he was imprisoned.

Prison Break

Koda was the second to last one to find himself ahead of Rokki. He was thrown in prison by future friend Hana. When the team originally broke out of prison Koda was defenseless because of the lack of water. Orora and Nori defended him during this event. He ran in to Hana during the prison break, but fortunately she let them go without a fight. Once they were out of the prison Koda saw Yue and was astonished.

Once the group was imprisoned the second time Koda was being escorted by Hana. To his surprise Hana set him free and assisted him in freeing the others. Koda alone decided to save Yue himself.

Starting a Rebellion

Right before leaving for their town to spark a rebellion Yue confessed her love for Koda, which he replied with a kiss. The happily partnered up.

In their town all teenagers were kept in camps. Once they were there they faked an outbreak of Pentapox to go to the doctor, who would help them. They were soon able to start a rebellion in the town which they took to Amon City.

Final Battle

When Koda and Yue led the rebellion, Koda decided to rally the citizens. He spoke to the citizens and rallied them for rebellion. These citizens were responsible for the overthrow of Lin's regime.

After the battle Koda helps shape the new government. Also Koda ended things with Yue because she was a spirit and he was a human.

Book 2


Koda remained silent at the beginning of the journey because he didn't want to speak with Yue. One night Hana and him spoke of his relationship with Yue.



Koda is on very good terms with his mother and doesn't know his father.


Most members of the group see Koda as an ominous figure who is serious all the time. He has a good relationship with all of them, though Rokki displays some jealously towards him.


Yue and Koda developed a relationship after the prison break but this was short lived. Koda ended the relationship after the final battle and the two have not spoken since.

Hana appears to develop a crush on Koda, but it is unknown how he feels about her.


Koda is a serious person, but he can get more laid back depending on if he trusts someone. He wants to help those around him and always had noble intentions.


Being taught by the moon spirit herself, Koda has extensive knowledge of waterbending. He can also bloodbend.

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