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The Legend of Korra

Author's Notes

Despite just starting my second semester of college, I have decided to take on this project. Some chapters may come more quickly than others, depending on my schedule. It may start out slow, boring even, but I always pick up speed. I hope you enjoy this tale.

Thanks, Johny316


200 years after Korra, the world is torn between two conflicting ideologies: Red, and White.

Red: for change, equality, and progress.

White: for tradition, spirituality, and culture.

The world is on the brink of war, with each nation taking sides. Only the Avatar can bring balance to this world at war with itself. But can Kiviuq, a progressive Red, put aside his own beliefs to do what is right? Or will he choose a side that might ultimately destroy the world?


  • Kiviuq: Born in the year 400, Kiviuq is the new Avatar, desperately trying to escape his calling.
  • Nuka: Kiviuq's ex-girlfriend.
  • Nuvuk: The general of the Lunar Water Tribe and Kiviuq's waterbending master.
  • The Blue Spirit: A mysterious vigilante that haunts the streets of the Fire Capital.
  • Iris: A progressive Fire Nation girl who believes the Avatar is archaic.
  • Rozu: A young Fire Nation man who bears the mark of the Red Lotus.
  • Kimiko: The personal adviser to the Fire Lord. Kimiko hides a dark secret about her ancestors.
  • Peg-leg Khan: The eccentric captain of The Heart of Korra.


Book 1: Earth

Kiviuq leaves Yue and travels to earth where he gets pulled into a government conspiracy and a family struggle transcending lifetimes.

Book 2: Energy

Kiviuq wakes up on a strange world, ruled by Lion Turtles and inhabited by warlike people.

Book 3: War

Kiviuq must master the last element: Air, and bring balance to a world at war with itself.

The World in 419 AG

Post-modern in its ways, the world two hundred years after Korra is a vision of technological progress and human power. In that time humans have invented star ships, mined asteroids, settled the moon. But, at what cost? The spirit portals are closed, the spirits have disappeared from earth and now attack human spacecrafts. Humans have flying cars, bullet trains, automatic weapons and cellular devices. In 419 AG, the world is a human world, and not a shared one.


The Moon: Also called Yue. People of Water Tribe Heritage live on the moon in cities made of ice beneath protective Domes. These cities are known collectively as the Lunar Water Tribe. Kiviuq is of the Lunar Water Tribe.

The Fire Nation Capital: Technologically advanced and bustling. The Fire Nation Capital has stayed out of world conflict, but the reds of the nation are pushing for an alliance with the Red Party, while the whites push the opposite.

Omashu: The Tallest city in the world. Omashu never spread outside of its original borders, instead it built upward into the clouds, giving it the title it so richly deserves.

Misty Palms Oasis: A mining city and the gateway to the great mining colonies of the Si Wong Desert.

Ba Sing Se: The biggest and oldest city on earth, Ba Sing Se is the center of arts in the world, but also a major place of conflict between reds and whites.

The Heart of Korra: The starship on which Kiviuq becomes a stowaway. It is captained by the eccentric Peg-leg Khan


  • I hope no one looks at this story as a generic "over the top tale" that you find way too much in fan-fiction. I would like to keep this relatively grounded, and not stray too far from the things the show has already given us.
  • Kiviuq is a popular character from Inuit mythology. He was an explorer and warrior who had many adventures with spirits and monsters. Here is an article on him.

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If you found this interesting and would like to see more of it in the form of chapters, please put your name below. This is a project I would like to pursue, but not something I want to blindly commit to without having readers.

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