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氣交 雀龍

Kitzhao Kiaotlung

Biographical information
Species Feathered Serpent
Age Ancient
Reign 9000 years
Predecessor None
Successor Sun Guardians
Physical description
Gender Male
Feathers Gold
Scales Jade
Personal Information
Allies Dragons, Sun Guardians, Lion Turtle, Spirits, Team Avatar, more...
Enemies Koh the Face Stealer (the Shadow Bringer), Azula, more...
Weapon of choice Tail, Teeth, Light
Fighting Style(s) Lightbending, Spiritbending, Energybending
Chronological and political information
Thousands of years before the Avatar came to be, the jungles of the Land of the Sun were inhabited by a species of creature similar to dragons. They had serpentine bodies and feathered wings. During this time there arose a powerful and wicked being that attempted to steal the Chi, or life energy, of the Sun. A feathered serpent stopped this Shadow Bringer, saving the Sun, and trapped it in the Spirit World. However, before the fight was ended the Shadow Bringer used stolen power of the Sun to burn the feathered serpent. After the Shadow Bringer had been imprisoned, the creature died.

In payment for his service the Sun gave the feathered serpent a gift. He brought him back to life, gave him a body of jade with feathers of gold, and gave him mastery over light. The serpent was given the name Kitzhao-Kiaotlung [氣交(給)-雀龍].

In this new, indestructible body Kitzhao lived for 1000 years, until he finally grew old and died. With the last remnants of his life force Kitzhao brought into being the first three dragons. One was red, another blue, and the third was gold. (These represented the three foundry colors of light and Chi.) After his death the three 'children' of Kitzhao breathed the fire of life back into his remains, bringing him back to life.

Kitzhao went through this process eight times, living a thousand years each time and bringing 3 dragons into existence at the end of each lifetime. When it was time for him to die the ninth time he chose not to be reborn. He passed his power over light on to a trusted group of humans who became the Sun Guardians. He then let himself pass into the Spirit World.

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