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Sode no Shirayuki (spirit)
Kitsune Shirayuki
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The Fox, The Empress


Winter Spirit

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Spirit World

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Ruh (father), Serin Shirayuki (son)

"My father was powerful and forlorn. I didn't want to be like that, alone and forgotten."
— Kitsune to Lirin revealing her motivation for entering the human world.

Kitsune Shirayuki is a Winter Fox Spirit and child of the Faceless, Ruh. She traveled to the human realm when she grew bored of her home.


Kitsune was the daughter of the Winter Spirit, Ruh. She lived in the Spirit World for many millennia but was alone given her father's exile and her own ignorance of the world around her.

She decided to leave for the human world and start anew. She was soon confronted by a Dire Wolf, a spawn of the Great Wolf, but learned that it was in fact fleeing from hunters on the Solstice.

After quickly being slain by the Avatar, she took a human form when noticed and entranced the trio of hunters. The Avatar, Lirin introduced himself. After they were alone, he revealed that he knew she was a Spirit but still found her to be amazing.

At some point, Kitsune gave birth to two sons to Lirin, Serin and Agri, though this was kept secret from the world.


Kitsune was a Fox Spirit with powers over winter. She could use a spiritual form of waterbending as a Spirit related to the Ocean and Moon. Kitsune could also shape-shift between a large white and blue fox with three tails and a pale human woman.


  • Kitsune's name explains both of her inspirations. Kitsune is "fox" and also the name given to fox demon in Japanese lore. Shirayuki is "white snow" and is often a name given to Yuki-onna (snow-woman) in anime, whom her human form is based on.
  • Kitsune's lineage is connected to Tui and La through Ruh, who is the Winter Spirit.

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