By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Book 3: Fire ~ Metallic Kite -

Kite is a special Seal hound that had his legs replaced with metal. He trained himself in a way like the ninja dogs, and has grown extremely fast and agile.

Book 3: Fire

Kite first appears while Bat and Bruge were discussing plans for Team Avatar and volunteers to handle Toph. He shows up on another isle with a whole pack to take them on. He walks over to start Toph up and a fight begins. But when Toph was thrown off the cliff and as she was climbing the rope, Kite jumps in and avoided the skin off her feet! He appears back where she and Sokka were trying to recover. He was about to finish her when another dog rams her off the clifface. But he knew that she'll come back at a point.

Book 4: Air

He appears later during the escape event in Ba Sing Se fighting Kaibutsu. He and Toph lock eyes once more and a rematch starts. He starts the first attack but was easily knocked aside. But when he bolts at her a second time, Tesshin rushes in and attacks him, he continued in the crazy war until Aang appears.

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