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Southern Tropics


None; Nomadic traveler



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119 lbs.

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Mother, Father, Brother (deceased)

General Information

Kita is a Waterbender from the southern region of hemisphere. She travels around the world with her first companion, an elderly witch doctor, Fuu, and then later on with a young Firebender by the name of Shino. Kita travels around on an iceberg, which constantly freezes as it travels through bodies of water, and with it, has traveled to most of the continents of the world. A nomad at heart, Kita revels in traveling around and experiencing different cultures.

Place of Origin

Kita originated from the islands in the southern tropics of the southern hemisphere. This branch of waterbenders separated from the original Southern Water Tribe, and built a new Water Tribe on islands, a few hundred miles away from the most remote Fire Nation islands. The tribe consists of about two hundred inhabitants on three islands surrounding a coral reef, meaning that fish is bountiful and the island is suitable for crop raising. The islands which were left unnamed, are unknown to much to world, seeing how far away the tribe from the nearest continent. Most of the islanders consider the islands a spiritual triangle, seeing as how many benders inhabit the tribe.

Men and women are able to practice bending, unlike their Northern brothers, a belief probably adopted from the Southern Water Tribe. Out of the two hundred inhabitants, more than a hundred are gifted in the art of Waterbending. The spirituality is supposedly extremely high on the Islands, and is the reason for the extreme number of waterbender's in the area. A specific area to practice meditation and bending is the Kū fall, a gigantic waterfall on the furthest island (also Kita's hometown).


Kita was born and raised on the Islands to understand that waterbending was a part of her life as much as water was a sustaining substance in the human body. She lived with her mother, father and brother, until the latter left for war, and was eventually killed in a Fire Nation ambush. Although greatly affected by the loss of her brother, she continued to practice bending and eventually grew to want to travel the world, like the Air Nomads hundreds of years ago. As soon as she was old enough to hone her waterbending skills, at fifteen, she left the tribe on a small boat, leaving only a note to explain her absence.



Fuu is an elderly waterbender and witch doctor originally from the Southern Water Tribe. She left when the village of the South was attacked ferociously by Fire Nation raids, and eventually settled on a remote island hundreds of miles from the Fire Nation mainland. Although skilled in the art of waterbending, the only bending she uses is to cook meals and to conjure icebergs to travel for food.

Kita meets Fuu on an island after Kita left the Islands, and both left together on an iceberg, traveling towards the mainland. Unfortunately, after a few months traveling with Kita, Fuu died of an illness that overcame her as they were traveling through the seas.


Shino is a Firebender from the mainland, who also ran away from his home to pursue a life of nomadic traveling. He is fourteen years of age, of short height, and extroverted with strangers. Kita first knows him as Little Commander, for Shino hides his identity, unbeknownst to Kita. It's later revealed that he hid his name so Kita wasn't reminded of her deceased brother of the same name (Shino), and wouldn't leave him to return to the Islands.

Shino grows quite attached to Kita, and both act like siblings separated at birth. They both set a sort of pilgrimage to travel to all spiritually enlightened area of the world, which is what Shino originally wanted to do.


Yin is a late Firebender who lived centuries ago in the Fire Nation. She was a medium between the spiritual and human world, and died on her pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of Avalon, a mountain located in the exact center of the World. Kita meets her soul as she and Shino travel, and eventually begin to follow them around the world.


A man of twenty years of age who monitors an Earth Kingdom village. Although he is a Fire Nation soldier, he's a very kind soul who doesn't mistreat the villagers. He is a non-bender who later on meets Kita and Shino in said village. Arai and Kita have a minor relationship, until the duo leave the village and Arai. Arai promises Kita they'll meet again, though.


Kita is an expert waterbender due to her living in the islands, where spirituality meets almost the Air Nomads level. Although some could call her bending prodigious, she doesn't label herself as such, seeing as how she cannot use water as a healing catalyst. Her bending style changes through the years from the once, fully tai-chi based method, to incorporating fire bending stances and brutality, which make her bending an extremely dangerous asset. Now her bending is used as an offensive and defensive method of attack.

Beside waterbending, she's also gifted at the element of freezing large portions of water for a long amount of time. This is evident in her learning the iceberg technique, where the water surrounding the iceberg is being frozen constantly as the block of ice moves in the body of water.

She can also control the water in any living substance (trees; plants; humans; etc.). She uses this ability quite frequently, seeing controlling the human body a feat that few rarely stumble upon.

Most of the islanders are acutely spiritual and in tune with the Spirit World, and Kita isn't an exception. Her brother was considered the medium of the Island, a bridge between the Spirit World and the human world. Kita has some ability to connect with spirits, but she isn't a medium. This also fuels her desire to travel the world and visit spiritually enlightened areas of the continent. The most frequent spirit she sees is a disturbed soul by the name of Yin, a former Fire bending prodigy who lived centuries ago.

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