By Omashu Rocks Part of the The House of Angkara continuity.
Ba Sing Se buildings
Physical information

Former Earth Kingdom Island


Independent from all nations


Wang Chao

Kisah is the primary location in The House of Angkara. It serves as a home to people from all four nations, but is currently ruled by a family of Firebenders.


Kisah is located on an island that was once Earth Kingdom territory. Almost hidden in a fairly mountainous region, many of the city's building's and infrastructures are constructed on the sides of hills. On the highest hill rests the Royal Palace, home to the Angkara Family. The Minko River runs through the city. At one part of the Minko River lies the hideout for the Iluna Rebels.


Kisah was once a free democracy, but now that Wang Chao has established a dynasty, the form of government most fitting to describe Kisah is a Constitutional Monarchy. The people were meant to be represented in the Kisah Senate, the legislative body of the city.

Notable Citizens

Ruling Family

Iluna Rebels

Religious Authorities

Other Government Officials

  • Bair
  • Pajak

Other Citizens


Throughout history, Kisah has been ruled by a succession of ineffective rulers

During the Fanon

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