By Gingalover Part of the Book Seven: Order continuity.
Korra's hallucination
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171 AG

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Metalbending, Bloodbending


Avatar State

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Korra Alone

Kirra is the name given to the ghost that haunted Korra during her trauma educed journey to fix her own issues from Zaheer's attack on her. She has an exact resemblance to Korra before she changed her look later on, with a chained right arm, and white eyes resembling the Avatar State.


Korra poisoned

The "Blood" that gave Kirra life, as she stated when confronting Korra and Asami.

Kirra came to existence a short time after Zaheer poisoned Korra back in 171 AG. As said by Kirra herself, the combination of Zaheer's poison, and Korra's life, manifested enough to bring her to existence through the Avatar State. two years later, Kirra began to follow and torment Korra throughout Korra's self journey, constantly appearing in various places no matter where the Avatar was, souly to torture her. Kirra continued these acts of random attacks and appearances until Korra found Toph, to which Kirra couldn't intervene. Kirra managed to appear once more in place of Kuvira, though that was about it.

While unclear as to how or when, Kirra was eventually found and apprehended by Vintana and Zikara, whom gave her the current name. However, she did manage to escape, and track down her former target again. Eventually she found Korra in Zenshu, and stalked her and Asami throughout the night until she finally attacked them by the Zenshu shoreline. Upon being asked how she came back, Kirra gave them some help in figuring out where she came from, even drawing out her own blood to make the Red Lotus symbol in her hand. She then says that, despite Zaheer and Korra helping her into existence, she no longer needed either one of them. Beofre she could attack again, she was found out, and her own chains pulled her down, and back to where Zikara and Vintana were. Kirra demanded that she'd be freed, but she was told that she won't be set free until her use was done, and was left in her confinement.


Kirra has a number of abilities that make her more of a ghost rather than a regular spirit. She can appear and disappear at will, giving her the appearance as if she is teleporting. Her ability to appear everywhere gives her even more of a haunting status, and as only other spirits (at least back in 173 AG) could see her aside from Korra.

She is also able to attack with the chains strapped on her arm, using it like a whip to devastating effect. After being captured, she had also found out how to bloodbend, though it is a technique she doesn't use too often, nor in the same extent as normal bloodbenders do, in the sense that she uses her own blood more like a weapon, rather than controlling someone else's body.

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