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Fire Nation


Fire Nation



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Firebending, melee combat


Fire Lord Zuko, Fire Nation, Military of the Fire Nation


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Military officer


Captain of the Onyx Guard


Kiriyama was an officer in the Military of the Fire Nation and the Captain of the Onyx Guard, the personal security unit of the Fire Nation Royal Family. He was the son of a nobleman, and thus spent a lot of time at the Fire Nation Royal Palace during his childhood and was a friend of Zuko. During the Hundred Year War, he decided to join the Fire Nation Army and fought in the Earth Kingdom, one of the battles being the Liberation of Ba Sing Se.

He was injured protecting an officer during the attack by the Order of the White Lotus on Ba Sing Se, and was promoted to senior lieutenant for it. After the War, he was surprised to see his old friend Zuko become the Fire Lord. Since Kiriyama was one of the few officers Zuko could trust at the time, he appointed him as the Captain of the Onyx Guard, the Royal Family's security detail.


Early Life

Kiriyama was born into a rich family. His father, being a nobleman, made frequent trips to the Fire Nation Capital for meetings with Fire Lord Ozai, and so Kiriyama met and befriended Crown Prince Zuko. After Zuko was exiled from the Fire Nation in search of the Avatar, Kiriyama got really bored, having no other friends. He decided to enlist in the Army when he was sixteen. Though his father told him before he would most likely joy let Kiriyama join the military, and even if he did, it would have been into the Domestic Forces, Kiriyama ran away and enlisted in the Army. He impressed the recruitment officer with Firebending skills at the enlistment office, and thus was promoted to corporal before even training began. After the six-month training, he was deployed to the Earth Kingdom


While on deployment, he was originally stationed with the Domestic Forces in the colony of Yu Dao. He fought in the assault on Taku, an economically important city in the western part of the Kingdom. As the war went on, he also fought at the second battle of Han Tui. Kiriyama served for a long time under General Shu in the Si Wong Desert with Zhao, who later went on to become an admiral in the Navy. He was part of the occupational troops that entered Ba Sing Se during the Coup of Ba Sing Se, and stayed their for the remainder of the War. When the Order of the White Lotus attacked the city on the day of Sozin's comet, he was injured defending his commanding officer. For it, he was given a promotion to senior lieutenant. After the Fire Nation's defeat, he returned to Caldera City.

New Position

After returning, he was appointed by the new Fire Lord as the Captain of the Onyx Guard, the Royal Family's new security detail. The elite unit went on to become globally known as the best fighting force on the planet after only Team Avatar. Kiriyama himself rarely fought in any of the Guard's battles.

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