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Kingdom of Jiulie
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The 18 Xeng Council

Kingdom of Jiulie (三苗國) was once a powerful empire in the very first era of the Avatar, when people began learning to Art of Bending and before the reunification of the Earth Kingdom thousands of years later. The Kingdom of Jiulie was located near present day Ba Sing Se. What gave them rise to power was their King's ability of being the very first to Metal Bend and teaching most of his generals the art of it. They are a minor nation and apart of the Earth Kingdom.


Emperor Chiyou (蚩尤) was one of the first king of the Kingdom of Jiulie, who mastered the art of Metal Bending and Earth Bending. He was a powerful and respected ruler, and conquered many lands from small tribes. The warlord who was losing all these battles to Emperor Chiyou then asked the neighboring Kingdom of Shua to fight against him. They raised an army of thousands and began a war with the Kingdom of Jiulie.

Battle on the Plains

With hearing the news of the neighboring Kingdom Shua preparing for battle, Emperor Chiyou easily defeated all of their army. On the 80th battle, they finally fought one last battle that would hurl the history of the Earth Kingdom of today.

Emperor's Chiyou army gathered from the east and the King Shua from the west in a great plain. Emperor Chiyou who had the ability to cover the field in mist in a form of Water Bending to blind the Shua army. The King of Shua countered this, by creating a compass that pointed north, and ordered his army straight into Chiyou's forces.

When the battle was over, Emperor Chiyou lost the 80th battle and was captured. No one dared to execute Emperor Chiyou, for they feared him as a God of War and the curse he could bring. So a Dragon named Yinglong offered, and from Emperor Chiyou's blood, spilled and a red maple tree grew. Yinglong the dragon was then cursed and never able to fly again.

After the death of Emperor Chiyou, his three sons left. The eldest fled to the south, the middle to the north and the youngest stayed, and eventually assimilated into the Kingdom of Shua.

Yeleng Country

The story is about three dynasties later, after the ancestors of Chiyou, they became known as the people of Yeleng, moving southward from the expanding Earth Kingdom in their Middle Ages, who were the decedents of the Shua King. The Yeleng people were known to be the first to develop rice, and were expert Water Bending and Earth Bending villagers who cultivated the mountains into rice paddies. The Earth Kingdom who were more developed into Fire Bending at that time, quickly conquered neighboring tribes and villages. Those who accepted to lose their way of life and assimilate into the Earth Kingdom, were known to be the "Cooked Yeleng" and the ones who refused to be assimilated into the Earth Kingdom were known to be the "Raw Yeleng".

When an Earth Kingdom guards came to collect taxes from a conquered Yeleng town, they killed an old man who did not have enough to pay. Angered, the town then killed the two guards with their own hands. With this, they settled off a great rebellion against the Earth Kingdom. With this, came rise many Yeleng heroes, legends and myth. Stories of a female general who led hundreds of battles against the Earth Kingdom Military, legends of nine old kings who drank the blood of a white ox as an oath to the heavens to reclaim back their ancestral homelands in the north, and led wars and toppled down Earth Kingdom military bases. With the Earth Kingdom constant expansion, the Yeleng people were eventually defeated sixty years after.

It is said in the South-West of the Earth Kingdom, "Every thirty year there will be a rebellion, and every sixty year there will be a great war."

To ensure that the Yeleng were to never rise up against the Yeleng Kingdom, the Earth King of that time, splitted them into six colors, the Red, Black, Yellow, Green, White and the Flower. From here, they created a great wall to separate them, burned all their books, and forbid them to speak their language and to write.

Secretly, to keep their written language alive, the females stitched their alphabets onto their clothings, and told stories in their songs, folk tales of their heroes and their kings.

During Avatar Aang's Time

During Avatar Aang's time, the Yeleng people were settling down in the very southern of the Earth Kingdom. During the Fire Nation colony, the made the Yeleng pay heavy taxes. Unable to do so, as they were recent immigrants of the land, they made them grew cash crops. Each adult would pay in four bars of silver and a child one bar of silver. Eventually with the end of the Great War, the Yeleng people were then left to develop their new established kingdom once again.

Republic City Era

70 years later, the Yeleng Country has not been officially recognized and continues to be apart of the Earth Kingdom, and continues military crackdown on the people. Many migrated to the Eastern Air Temple for refuge.


Varying very greatly from the Earth Kingdom, the majority of the Yeleng people are non-benders, with some skilled in Metalbending than Earthbending in the area. They are separated by a great wall from the majority of the Earth Kingdom, who built to keep them from rebelling against them.

Their clothing differ from long skirts to short skirts, the color codes of when they were forced to be separated by the Earth Kingdom (Red, Yellow, White, Black, Green and Flower) and the headdress they wear, which can be made from delicate pieces of silver, to silk threads wrapped around their heads or pieces of purple dyed hemp tighted largely into a bowl round shape.

The significant culture of the Yeleng is that they never cremate their decease, but rather put them in caskets with stools, deep inside a mountain, in hopes to one day return their forefathers bodies and bury them in their ancestral homes.

They also eat with metal spoon and bowls, instead of using chopsticks. They never ever sit like the Earth Kingdom when dining, as it was forced upon them centuries ago to behave and become like them.

The main religion of the Yeleng people is the Nuo Folk Religion, where the practitioner wears a large wooden mask of a hero or an extraordinary legendary Yeleng figure, and becomes possessed by them who can enter the Spirit World and speak with their ancestors for advice, unlike Aang who meditates to speak to his past life. Some say that the reason why they wear mask, is to protect them from spirits, especially Koh, The Face Stealer from stealing their soul.


  • "Mai Gao Lia" is a story about a girl named Mai Gao Lia, who was a beautiful princess of the Yeleng Country. She was so beauty, that a neighboring kingdom of the ancient Earth Kingdom married her and named his kingdom after her.
  • In the early years of the Kingdom of Jiulie, many of them sailed to today's Fire Nation and introduced them the art of Metal working.
  • To make the Yeleng people look more barbaric, the Earth Kingdom imaged Emperor Chiyou as the head of a bull and the body of a man, who ate rocks and metals.
  • All the six Yeleng colors (Green, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Flower) all have different accents, but divided into three dialects, known as the Western, Central and Eastern dialects.
  • Because of the Earth Kingdom banning them from using their alphabets, they secretly stitch stories and alphabets in their clothings.

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