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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


37 (Book 1), 44 (Book 2)

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Personal information
Weapon of choice

Waterbending, Snowbending

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Snowbending


Northern Water Tribe, Chief Cupun of the Northern Water Tribe, Former General Senlin, Admiral Palartok


Rong Yan, Yong Ten, Fire Nation, Cheating wife, Northern Water Tribe merchant, Fire Nation Young Man, Fire Nation Old Woman

Chronological and political information

Murderer, Wanted Criminal

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 8: The Bounty

Last appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 20: ???

Kimaru is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan series. Kimaru is a wanted criminal for being a murderer in Jiangsu Village. And is a minor character within the chapter Chapter 8: The Bounty. Book Two Kimaru makes an appearance in Chapter 3, then he becomes a main character. Kimaru tells his story on his escape from the Fire Nation guards.


Kimaru's crimes head back to the Northern Water Tribe, when Kimaru killed his wife, for cheating on him with another man. After that incident Kimaru went insane, and killed off other people who would not do what he says.

If he asked them to hand over their money, and if they refused Kimaru would assault them. He soon became wanted in the Northern Water Tribe after he killed off a merchant in the city.

He ran off to the Fire Nation in hopes no one will ever find him there. He resided in Jiangsu Village, and laid low for five years. After the five years, he went at night at the alleyway behind his home, and murdered an old woman.

Kimaru assaulted the old woman for not giving him her money, and the jewellery she possessed. After he killed her he looted her body of the money, and the jewellery she carried.

Reports have gone out that the old woman was missing, and that there was a young man who witnessed her death, he mentioned seeing a Water Tribesman killing the old woman.

The only Water Tribesman who was currently living in Jiangsu Village, was Kimaru, the authorities quickly raided his home, but he was no where to be found. Kimaru had known that they would soon find out he killed the old woman. He hid in the sewers of the slums.

One night he saw the young man who witnessed him killing the old woman strolling down the streets for walk in the night. Kimaru snuck behind the young man bended large amount of water to cover the young man's head, and drowned him. Looting his body, Kimaru laid the body next to the young man's home.

Authorities found the body, and took it away, they finally made a poster and placed it on the kiosk. Kimaru was a wanted criminal in Jiangsu Village.

Encounter with Yong Ten

As Yong Ten lands in the slums, Kimaru was standing in a dark corner, he asks Yong Ten to hand over his money. Yong Ten looks at him but doesn't respond, Kimaru repeats the question raising his voice. Still no response, Kimaru unwittingly, assaults Yong Ten by attacking him with a water whip who internally, blasts air at him sending him flying into a fountain.

Kimaru tells Yong Ten that he'll regret doing that, and shoots a torrent of water at him, knocking him back into a wall, dazing him. Yong Ten who then quickly gets clear vision again, pretends to act like he's dazed, waits for Kimaru to walk up to him, tricking him so he makes his move.

Kimaru, picks up his wanted poster and rips it into pieces, he bends a puddle into an icicle ready to slice Yong Ten's throat, he slowly approaches him, with that Yong Ten blows air out of his mouth and sends Kimaru flying back into the fountain.

Kimaru brings a water shield for defense but Yong Ten sends an air blade which breaks through the shield of water, impacting with the waterbender knocking him back onto the wall knocking him out.

Yong Ten ties him up and turns Kimaru into the guards, who in return pay Yong Ten and tell Kimaru he's being shipped off to the Boiling Rock in the morning.

Hyu Shi Village

The mysterious man that paid for Palartok's and Senlin's drink is none other than the murderer from Chapter 8 known as Kimaru. Kimaru does not yet reveal his identity to them until they tell them who they are, Kimaru was sure of who they were, when he heard their names he was correct of their identities, and told them his story.

Luckily, they were on the same page and it seems all three men are looking for the same guy. Kimaru introduces himself to Palartok and Senlin, and agrees to join their group to find and extort the Avatar. Though Kimaru has no location for the old man who had captured him which is none other than Yong Ten.

They continue to talk, and later they head out of Hyu Shi village. A person nearby their table decides to attempt to rat them out. Where Kimaru blurts out something else, and everyone within the bar gives a death stare to the man who tries to rat them out. Beginning a bar fight which sends the man and others flying all around the bar and the destruction of property within the bar. Kimaru and his newly found allies fight their way through the bar and escape uninjured and make their journey towards the Southern Water Tribe.

Senlin and the Earth Kingdom soldiers

Arriving in a town that they had saved, killing the bandits that had ravaged it. General Senlin, was now trying to hide and no longer invade towns like a mad man. He wants to lay low and make sure the Earth Kingdom will stop searching.

A bounty hunter and a guard captain had arrived at the unknown town and had looked at their target and the wanted poster. Persuading the general to follow him, he was later captured when Senlin's friend had left to enjoy themselves at a bar.

After being arrested, they began to escort him back to the capital of the Earth Kingdom. Along the way he had dropped clues for his comrades to find, they caught up to what was occurring.

By following what their friend had left behind, they had found Senlin surrounded by Earth Kingdom troops and the bounty hunter. The guard captain was going to break Senlin's hands to prevent him from earthbending.

But he was quickly stopped when water had split the large boulder in half, giving Senlin time to break lose from the chains and help his friends Palartok and Kimaru defeat the soldiers.

In the end Shang Jin the bounty hunter was injured, he fled and left Captain Wei to be killed by General Senlin himself.

Eventually, a courier in the next few chapters brings Laobing an old comrade and grandfather a Wei a message from Shang Jin. Claiming that Wei was killed by Senlin. Now, Senlin is being hunted by "Lucky" Laobing the grandfather of Captain Wei. Although, he does not know it.

Xuen the Fencer

After Senlin and his henchmen kill and rob merchants of their caravan, they ride the caravan to a house in the country. The house belongs to an old friend of Senlin's and the man runs a black market shop.

Senlin sells him whatever is in the caravan in exchange for three tickets heading to the Northern Water Tribe. After doing so, Xuen gives his friend three tickets for an immigration ship. And also clothes his friend in the latest Northern style fashion.

Resparking the War

Senlin had planned to have his friend Kimaru go into the dock town just a few miles away. The task was to kill any Earth Kingdom man, and leave a dagger styled like that of the Northern Water Tribe.

Although, what Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru did not know is that the random citizen that Kimaru slew was in fact cousin of the Earth King. Later, towards the end of Book Two does news reach Earth King Qiang Zhen, that his cousin was murdered by a Northern Water Tribesman.

Furious about this, he explains that there was treaty involved and now that this treaty was broken. The bells of war have tolled, and Qiang Zhen instructs his adviser to create and bring together a meeting where he and the Council of Five must direct further action towards the Northern Water Tribe.

The Northern Water Tribe

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Kimaru, was born a waterbender, who at the age of 32 used his abilities to kill his cheating wife, and a merchant. And several other people before running off into the Fire Nation where he kills two other people.

Kimaru, is also known to drown his victims in a water ball that is big enough for their head. And throwing their corpse somewhere, or just leaving it somewhere to make it look like an accident.


Kimaru, is known to freeze water around his arms and go into melee combat. His known abilities are the icicle slicer, ice claws, ice spikes, etc. Kimaru, is specialized in hand-to-hand combat, therefore, even if Kimaru is no where near a source of water he can use his fists.

Though it is rare that Kimaru would not carry his waterskin along just in case of combat.

Survival Tactics

Even for being a murderer Kimaru, has great survival skills. Without a source of water for fighting. Kimaru, can use his surrounding to craft a weapon for use.


  • Unknown Wife (Wife), (Deceased)


Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air

Book Two: Water


  • Kimaru is Japanese for "hope, boy".

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