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Kimanchi is the hometown of Mozukai, the protagonist in Avatar: The Sole Woodbender. Built among the trees in the Western Earth Kingdom, the village was a work of architecture and a well built, sturdy place.


Three hundred years previous to Mozukai in Avatar: The Sole Woodbender, a young man by the name of Togu-mai, fleeing his town during a war, led a group of refugees into a forest six days travel from his hometown. He decided to make a town where they would be very safe from war, up in the trees of a large forest. So, that started the village of Kimanchi.

After they finished in the trees and the population grew of fifty years, Togu-mai, on his deathbed, said that the village was strong enough to expand onto the ground. His ancestors and followers began to build more houses and buildings onto the ground, as well as some barracks situated farther from the village. The village expanded rapidly, reaching its peak population of nearly three hundred people. It became a strong place, although not well known, for few outsiders even ventured into the town.


The Siege of Kimanchi

Main Article: The Siege of Kimanchi

The Siege of Kimanchi was an important event in the history of Kimanchi village. Dozens of firebenders invaded the village in an attempt to take Mozukai, causing the woodbender to flee. The firebenders won the battle and burned the village to the ground, as well as the woodlands around it. Seventy-four Kimanchians were killed in the fight.


  • Mozukai
  •  Gaidan
  •  Rida
  • Tokor
  •  Paimok
  •  General Tao
  •  The Healer
  •  Kimanchi Warriors
  •  Goji


The Butcher Shop

Tokor, a hulking, strong man, ran the butcher shop situated in a tree right next to the Leader's hut. It was a thriving, busy place, and supplied the best meat for miles.

The Leader's Hut

Rida, the chief of Kimanchi Village, lived in the Leader's Hut, a large hut that was the only building on one of the trees. It featured several rooms and a second floor that looked over the rest of the house. It was first seen in chapter one.

The Healing Hut

The Healer, the mysterious woman who heals sickened and injured villagers, lives in this hut on the ground of Kimanchi village, right on Kimanchi Square.

The Barracks

A half-mile from the village, it is built on several trees, surrounded by a huge wall of wood. Towers dot the walls, and windows from the inside of the wall provide shooting spots for archers. Dormitories, armories, sparring arenas, and meeting halls are cramped inside the wall.

Kimanchi Square

A square on the village floor, it faces out into the forest, shops and homes lining the sides. One such shop is the Healing Hut. This was where the invaders were first seen.



  • Kimanchi means "tree town" in Japanese.

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