By Blaid Part of the Rise of the Dark Empire Series continuity.
Kieran Zodiark
Biographical information

Zathenia Empire

  • +10000 Years (Chronologically)
  • 18-19 Years (Physically)
Physical description


Hair color


Skin color

Lightly tanned

Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Bending
  • Sword & Shield
  • Wizel's Ark
Fighting style(s)


  • Zodiark Empire
  • Ozai's Rebel Forces
  • Allied Nations
  • Team Avatar
Chronological and political information

Member of the Zodiark Empire



  • The Zathenia Empire (formerly)
  • The Zodiark Empire
Voiced by

Daniel Taylor

Kieran Zodiark was the 10000 Year Old Immortal Son of the Zathenia Emperor: Malcar Zodiark in the Rise of the Dark Empire Series, Kieran had enough power over the Military Forces and was the de facto Leader of the Elemental Knights while the de jure leader was Camel Esold, Kieran acted as the Lieutenant of the Elemental Knight Legion but currently seeks the Knights' return. Ozai had dubbed him the "Dark Avatar".

Personality and traits

Kieran was a Soldier for the Zathenia Empire and therefore Zathenia Imperial Forces, he becomes rather serious in battle, his annoyance and anger usually taking the forefront of his thoughts. Though he was seen as an orphan five millennia ago during the fallout of the shattering Empires, he has grown up into an upright and very positive fellow. He approaches his job with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail as he does everything else. Kieran is a trusting and kind young man, preferring to see the good in everyone rather than viewing anyone with distrust, despite this he has come to see Zathenia as the heroic party fighting for Freedom while the Four Nations are in the wrong like Athenia before them.

Kieran embraces new friendships with vigor, and quickly forms strong bonds with those he shares time with, undoubtedly however it is he whom controls these bonds and will irreversibly cut his friends free if they happen to betray him. Given half a chance, Kieran will go to bat for his friends and fight as hard as he can, becoming one of Malcar's major weapons and most trusted of allies. Although his personality is a lot like Aang, usually having a powerful desire to learn new things about people and the places he visits, he has very little interest in peace except when its in a position of domination where those conquered would have no power in which to openly declare war ever again.

Physical Appearance



Powers and Abilities


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