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Kidnap and Rescue is the fourth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


Back in the present day... the crowds from the Fool's parade had gone home to bed. It was a cold night and Katara was making her way home with Miyuki.

She was being followed by Haru. He was curious to see where she lived. Hearing a noise behind her, Katara peered back into the darkness.

All she could see were shadows in the dim streets. She turned quickly into a side road.

Suddenly, Haru heard a scream from the alley into which she had stepped. He ran after her, no longer worried about being seen.

"Help! Help me!" called Katara. Haru saw two people struggling with Katara. One was the Avatar who lived in the fire temple. The other wore a hooded cloak. What was this?

Before Haru could do anything, Aang stepped forward and used waterbending to strike at Haru. The blow sent Haru flying.

Haru saw the Avatar pick up the Gypsy girl as though she weighed nothing and set off down the alleyway with her. "Murder! Murder!" screamed Haru. "Help me!" called Katara to anyone who could help her if anyone could.

But Aang did not get far. Blocking his path was a soldier on a bison. Confused, the Avatar halted and the soldier seized the girl from him.

Aang rushed forward, trying to grab the girl from the mounted soldier, but was immediately surrounded by more heavily armed soldiers.

Aang was seized and, although he struggled violently, the soldiers overpowered him and he was soon bound tightly by rope.

The Gypsy and the soldier stared deeply into each other's eyes. The man introduced himself as Captain Jet.

Katara blushed and thanked the captain, before sliding from the saddle and disappeared into the night.

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