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Kianna was a Northern Water Tribe Waterbender and Weatherbender, and one of the members of the antagonist Meteorologists in The Weatherbenders. Kianna specifically targeted Katara, whom she developed a great envy towards after hearing of her training and subsequent success. She joined the Meteorologists in an attempt to get to Team Avatar and kill Katara.


62 - 101 AG

Kianna was born to her parents as the last of four children in the Northern Water Tribe. She was the third child to have Waterbending capabilities in her family, discovering these in 69 AG.

Like most female Waterbenders, Kianna was not allowed to train in combative Waterbending, having to settle for learning healing abilities. She was a quick learner, having mastered it by the age of 23.

Kianna, however, remained upset that she could not train in combative Waterbending, despite a successful nursing career which spanned 17 years. She was highly praised for her work in healing injured soldiers following the Siege of the North, regardless, she felt underappreciated.

Kianna developed a strong envy for Katara, when she got word that she was allowed to train in combat and had become a master Waterbender. She later made her way to secret training with her husband, Bako, to be able to engage Katara in battle and eventually wipe her out, proving superiority.

In the Meteorologists

In 102 AG, Kianna was confronted by former Fire Nation General Zorro, who told her of his plan to bring forth the lost bending art of Weatherbending. She agreed when she heard that it would involve tracking down Team Avatar, further looking for any way to possibly confront Katara. She brought her husband's brother, Baktan, for further help.

Kianna quickly mastered Weatherbending's Water forms after helping to steal the knowledge from Wan Shi Tong's library. She too was quite upset after Reeaki abandoned the Meteorologists for Team Avatar.

Kianna and Baktan were assigned to the Southern Water Tribe to Weatherbend. They crafted a blizzard using moisture control. burying the main village under twenty-five inches of snow. Kianna however was disappointed that she was unable to get to Katara in any way. However, she would later get her best chance to take down Katara when the Meteorologists confronted Team Avatar for the first time.

The first chance came in chapter five. Kianna squared off against Katara and Ty Lee. The latter wound up being minor in the fight until the very end. Meanwhile, Katara and Kianna fought an even fight. Only until Aang called on Katara for further help did Kianna get a chance. She shot ice spikes at Katara, but Ty Lee jumped in at the last second, absorbing the blow and killing her.

Kianna left the sight after Zorro and Ezan overwhelmed Team Avatar with Weatherbending. Although the Meteorologists won, Kianna was upset that she did not get to Katara, and hoped for a rematch later.

After the first encounter

Kianna settled down with the rest of the Meteorologists after their successful Capture of the Fire Nation resulted in Zorro taking over the title of Fire Lord. Kianna and Baktan assisted in Zorro's world conquest plan as they drafted up the plans for the Siege of the South, the operation that would topple the Southern Water Tribe. At one point, Kianna joined Baktan in raising frustrations with Zorro due to a lack of involvement in Zorro's planning, however, the Fire Lord assured them they would have a role, that being to rule the Water Tribes after their planned capture.

Second encounter

Indeed, on 13 September, Kianna and Baktan left for the South Pole as Zorro's delegates to handle the tribe's surrender. However, the South didn't fall without a fight. On the 14th, the two tried to stop the entrance of Katara and Sokka by using Weatherbending to craft a storm, but it was disintegrated by Katara's Weatherbending.

A day later, after a combined Water Tribes resistance in association with Earth Kingdom forces started driving back the Fire Nation, Kianna and Baktan entered the battle. They began shattering the resistance, killing several forces. However, Katara and Sokka spotted them, and Katara knocked them off a komodo rhino they were riding on with use of a water whip. Kianna and Baktan broke off into duels with Katara and Sokka, respectively.

Dueling Katara

Kianna fought an angered Katara who sought to not only save her home, but to avenge the death of Ty Lee. The fight was incredibly harsh and violent, with each Waterbender applying several cuts to the other, especially with Kianna consistently using ice spikes. However, Kianna had managed to maintain her focus, and gained an advantage. She then slammed Katara to an igloo wall, knocking the latter out. Just as Kianna aimed to kill Katara, however, Katara came to and stopped her attack, then knocked her away.

The duel continued for another hour. At one point, due to a lack of moisture in the air, the two Waterbenders used Weatherbending to add moisture to the air from themselves, dehydrating them. After they each neared the point of exhaustion, they went to one final attack. Kianna was overwhelmed by water bullets from Katara, and she was knocked unconscious.

Capture and execution

While unconscious, Water Tribe soldiers surrounded Kianna and captured her, while Katara was taken to the healing huts for treatment. By the time Kianna came to again, she was being led away as the Fire Nation's invasion ended in defeat.

Kianna was held in a maximum-security Southern Tribe prison for several months as a council of the Water Tribes decided her fate. On 19 July 103 AG, Kianna was convicted of treasonous acts against the Water Tribes, and attempted assassination of the Southern royalty. She was sentenced to execution, a fate carried out days later.


Kianna tended to have a raw attitude, with years of anger and now jealousy having altered her personality. She got upset rather easily, and could take on heavy rage at points. She was quite bitter specifically at Katara, and believed herself to be stronger and much more capable.


Kianna was a strong Waterbender, making the best of her abilities. She was able to work well with most Waterbending forms, and had the capability to become a master if she received more training down the line.

Kianna was best with Weatherbending. She had mastered precipitation control to a tee, as shown in the prologue when she created a blizzard within seconds at the Southern Water Tribe. She had essentially mastered the Water forms of Weatherbending, which made her that much more dangerous.

Other appearances

Kianna will be featured as a tribute in the upcoming story, The Blood Bath of Fanons.

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