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Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe

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Yeeko and Veronika (parents), Kendo (son)


Ben Hai, Zaro, Onza, Lan



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Leader of the Flare Rebels

  • Ben Hai
  • Flare Rebels


Kian is a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. He is the son of Yeeko, one of Onza's best friends. After his father and his student, Izak, were killed in combat, Kian took his father's place as the leader of the Flare Rebels. Kian also joined the Ben Hai and temporarily gave his position as leader to his friend, Zaro. He kept this position until the end of the Darkbending War.


The quiet one out of the Ben Hai, he tends to more serious than his friends. Despite the silence, he is the most loyal and strongest leader the Rebels could have. He honors his father very well and treats Onza like a father.


Early Life

Kian was born to his father Yeeko, and his mother, Veronika. His mother was kidnapped by dark spirits, and before Yeeko left for the Rebel camp, he gave Kian his light sword, given to him by the guardian spirit. When his father was killed, Kian kept the sword as a memory of his father.

Leading the Flare Rebels

When he came of age, Kian became the new leader of the Rebels. He became good friends of Zaro and Lan. He led the rebels against the darkbenders. A powerful dark spirit named Zoroz found a chance to take down the Fire Nation by destroying the Flare Rebels. A rivalry sparked between Zoroz and Kian. During a battle, Kian chopped off Zoroz's right arm with the light sword and Zoroz fled. Kian presumed the dark spirit was dead.

The Dark-bending War

Shortly after the battle with Zoroz, Kian gave the position to his friend Zaro. He traveled to the Earth Kingdom and joined the Ben Hai. Kian became close to Onza, finding out his father and Onza were close friends. After the Battle of the Forest of Thorns, Kian fled to the Fire Nation, returning to his position, without telling the Ben Hai. He later revealed it to his friends. He led the Rebels into Republic City and joined the Republic Guard. During the Battle of Omashu, Kian commanded the soldiers. In the South Pole, Kian reconnected with his heritage. When the darkbenders attacked, Zoroz returned and fused with Shai Do. Kian swore to destroy his rival once and for all. When the UNEA left for Ba Sing Se, Kian was killed during the unexpected dark spirit attack. He was revived by Naton's cosmic bending.

The Final Battle

Kian led his Rebels against the charge on Pitch Peak. Kian successfully killed his rival and witnessed Naton defeat Kaaju.

After the War

Kian got married to an unnamed Northern Water Tribe girl and had a child named Kendo, in honor of Kendo Gardie.


Kian's other signature weapon other than bending is his light sword, given to him by his father. It is full of light, and can be used to fight dark spirits. It also enhances the wielder's power and willpower.

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