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Earth Kingdom



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Mikho, Zoai


The Fire Nation

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Returning Pain, Fanon: Avatar: The Legend of Rokan (Chapter 3)

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Zuko Alone


Khomi is the son of two members of the Earth Kingdom's lower class. His father is busy fighting in the war against the Fire Nation, leaving Khomi and his twin sister Mikho to the care of his mother in the small village of Shu Min.

Khomi is the first person to discover the unconscious Zoai after a fight with Du Loh and his Earth Kingdom soldiers. He tries to convince Zoai to stay with his family for a time, but to no avail.

Shortly after Zoai leaves Shu Min, the town is flooded by Jet and his Freedom Fighters. Luckily, the villagers are warned by Sokka just in time to evacuate the village. Khomi and his family later relocate to another Earth Kingdom town, where Khomi becomes good friends with Lee. Not much is known about Khomi's life after the war.


Khomi is of a loving and enthusiastic nature. He becomes easily excited, as noticeable with his exuberant replay of Zoai's fight in Returning Pain. Khom is very kind and protective of his little sister, and it can be presumed that he has a similar attitude toward his mother.&nbsp

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