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Ba Sing Se Middle Ring
Khmer Tribes
Physical information

North Pole, North Western Earth Continent


Waterbender Nation

  • Taku
  • Sora
Form of Government

Confederate Tribal Chiefdom

Head of State

Chief Minato


Khmer Yuan

The Khmer Tribes the ancestor to the modern-day Water Tribes is a Confederate Chiefdom that rules the North Pole and the Northwestern Earth Continent.


The Khmer Tribes were all originally from the North Pole, or the surrounding Islands, however as their population and need for a warmer habitat grew they expanded southward into the Modern-day Earth Kingdom. They soon changed their capital to Taku in the Winter, and Sora in the Summer.


The Khmer Tribes are located mainly on the North Pole and the Northwester Earth Continent Peninsula. They also have a small presence scattered in Islands, not to far from the North Pole.


The Tribes believe that a destined savior, shall arrive to save their desolate nation, and he shall be proclaimed leader. However, until then, they use a Confederate Chiefdom. Each Village and Clan has its own "Chief", but the nation themselves are led by a "Supreme Chief".

Foreign Relations

Due to their warrior-like stance on most politics, they Tribes never expanded their foreign policy. However, after the last war, they have noted the importance of having allies. They are actively coordinating Diplomatic Delegations to the Sky Confederacy and Omashu Kingdom.

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