By Sirondil Part of the Republic City: Rise of Equalists continuity.
Khao Silva
Biographical information
Birth place

Northern Water Tribe



Physical description







180 lbs

Personal information
Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Muay Thai


Garami Mir, Suti Rousey

Khao Silva

Khao was born and spent his whole life in the Northern Water Tribe. He learned his bending style from the northern's grand master. Upon hearing of the growing popularity of the bending battles in Republic City, he left to go and represent the Northern Water Tribe. Honor is a big thing to this man, and he is very respectful.

(Image is just a character from the show that most closely resembles him)

Fighting Style

His style is mostly based on Muay Thai. A stand-up style that is also known as the art of 8 limbs due to its use of knees and elbows along with the more conventional punches and kicks. This shows itself in his waterbending as well.


Khao is the Thai word for knee and is an important aspect of muay thai fighting. A staple of muay thai is the clinch, in which knees are frequently thrown to the opponents body and jaw.

Silva comes from UFC fighter Anderson Silva who currently owns the middleweight belt. He is known for his devastating elbows and knees and is widely thought of as the best pound for pound fighter in the world

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