By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Keter Aurora
Biographical information

United Republic, Fire Nation


Fire Nation, some Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Fire Nation (Fire Fountain City)


Aurora Estate, Yue Bay Area, North




133 AG, late summer

Physical description



Voluptuous, fit


5'10" flat

Hair color

Silvery gray, usually worn long and with a crown braid

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)



Lightning Generation and Redirection, Blue Fire


Abba (father) & Imma (mother) Aurora




Purists, Franz & Fire Nation Councilwoman (political rivals)

Chronological and political information

Diplomat, Air Force Officer


Fire Nation Delegate


Fire Nation, United Republic



First appearance

"An Unlikely Hero" (painting on magazine cover), "Sparks" (appeared)


The Avatar world frequently features background characters with high levels of prestige—politicians, celebrities, role models—Keter fits all of these roles, since there is so little information about famous Republic City figures. Because the United Republic Council has so little information for me to base their personalities on, Book 0 is set during an election, allowing me to bring in new characters.


Born to Abba, then a Fire Nation Captain, and Imma, then a Fire Sage with a passion for firebending art, Keter is part of a long lineage of upper-class firebending soldiers and politicians. Though her eye color is a clear indicator of Water Tribe genes from the Hundred Year War, the details of the union are unclear. In any case, from an early age, she was driven to prove herself, and was dead set on becoming either an advisor to the Fire Lord or a similarly ranked official in the United Republic, where the Fire Nation also has a lot of sway.

She never deviated from these goals, and her firebending and leadership skills allowed her to be noticed by her superiors and appointed to replace her father at age 26, after he retired. She then gained recommendations from both her superiors and the populace of her province that she be appointed to governor when the current occupant retired, a request which materialized when she was 28. With the position of Advisor to the Fire Lord seeming impregnable at the time, she instead garnered the support of her community to be recommended as the Fire Nation Delegate in the next Republic City Council Election.

There are rumors of a strained relationship with her parents, but the Aurora family insists that Keter is simply a very private person and, whatever her faults, they both love and are proud of their daughter.

Book 0

Keter arrived in the city to much fanfare, a huge dock party thrown in her honor. She is heard on the radio making speeches about taking a tough stance on the Purists, a promise she delivers on when she loans funding and her own personal guard to the RCPD for their sting operation. Later she appeared at the Council Meeting to discuss the Purist Problem. When the Earth Delegate's train was attacked en route to the city, she joined Chief Beifong in rescuing him, and likewise was with the group when they returned to headquarters and fought some of Amon's Purist division. She was moderately wounded in the battle.


Keter has internalized the Fire Nation teachings of destiny and divine providence with a notable lack of humility. Some of her wilder claims include that her silvery hair is proof of being chosen by the Spirits, and that she has received instructions from Avatar Roku. Related to this is her vanity, an obsession with both herself and anything connected to her appearing perfect at all times. This got Keter into trouble a few times throughout her career, but fortunately, she has the diplomatic and firebending skills to back up her claims. She is regarded as one of the greatest firebenders of her generation, and despite being arrogant and quick to anger when she doesn't get her way, she is not markedly unkind, being famous in her home province for giving a significant portions of her wealth to charitable and pro bono projects, both of and not of her own design. Keter is also highly intelligent, and adept at finding opportunities to wow an audience or make a rival look foolish.


Keter was conceived of as the leader of a group of characters, each named after one of the Sephirot, the attributes of God. Fittingly, "keter" is the "crown" of the Sephirot. Binah was also in this group. You may or may not see some or all of the others, but they may or may not be affiliated with each other. Her last name simply means dawn, relating to her association with light and rebirth. Befitting her God Complex, Keter makes frequent use of divine symbolism and her overall design is meant to be evocative of Hellenistic portrayals of goddesses.

Abba and Imma are simply old Hebrew terms for "father" and "mother," respectively, because I'm clever like that.

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