By SaeryenKatten Part of the Fire, Song and a Snowstorm continuity.
Ket-Ket noticed
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe

  • Northern Water Tribe (85 AG-Winter 100 AG, Spring 100 AG-present)
  • Midori Village (Winter 100 AG)



85 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Skin color

Light brown

Eye color

Dark brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice



Marak (father), Kina (mother), Kalak (older brother), Riki (younger sister), Nila (younger sister)


Aira, Maya-Ar, Mihoshi, Elsi, Leyka, Marak, Kina, Kalak, Riki, Nila



Chronological and political information

Northern Water Tribe

Ket-Ket is a girl from the Northern Water Tribe. She lived in the Northern Water Tribe until the winter of 100 AG, when Kaligah made her way there. Ket-Ket was kidnapped by Kaligah's snow warriors and brought to Midori Village in the Earth Kingdom, where Kaligah put the ice curse on her. After this, Ket-Ket was looked after by Aira.


Early Life

Ket-Ket was born in the Northern Water Tribe to Kina and Marak, who were ordinary common folk. She had one older brother, Kalak, who was two years her senior.

She was not a waterbender, and thus was not taught in the healing huts. However, she had a love for the water even so. As a toddler, she loved to play in the snow and splash around in the shore of the ocean. When Ket-Ket was three, her mother Kina bore twins: two girls named Riki and Nila.

Growing up, Ket-Ket had a friendly relationship with all her siblings, though, as siblings are apt to do, they got into arguments now and then. Ket-Ket loved her ordinary life in the Northern Tribe.


In the winter after Ket-Ket's fourteenth birthday, Kaligah arrived in the Northern Water Tribe, seeking powerful waterbenders to add to her army of snow people. She saw Kalak waterbending from a distance and moved closer. With the help of the Frozen Heart, Kaligah made soldiers out of snow and used her snowbending to make them grab for Kalak. Ket-Ket pushed her brother out of the way, causing Kaligah's snow puppets to take her instead.

Kaligah had no idea she'd taken the wrong person until she went back to her ship to find the waterbender she had kidnapped. Enraged, she ordered Ket-Ket to tell her Kalak's location, and Ket-Ket defiantly spat at her. This made Kaligah angry enough to put the ice curse on Ket-Ket. To her horror, Ket-Ket saw her own skin and hair turn icy blue as she grew colder and colder. The girl was even more horrified when she froze the floor upon touching it with her bare hands. Kaligah took Ket-Ket to the Earth Kingdom and Midori Village, where her ice castle stood.

Meeting Aira

Upon entering the ice castle, Ket-Ket met two others like her: a little girl and an older one. The older girl introduced herself as Aira, originally from Ba Sing Se, but taken by Kaligah from an orphanage. When she had been cursed, her age had been frozen. Ket-Ket learned that she could touch Aira and the other girl, Maya-Ar, without harming them. She also learned that, while under this enchantment, she could bend water in its frozen form.

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